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RW 2018 | Bask in the Sweet Bliss of The Terrace

Published:Wednesday | October 10, 2018 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

Since the 1970s, The Terrace located at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel has been providing a contemporary open air dining experience, catering to the taste buds of some of Jamaica’s most prominent figures, business clients, families and friends - a perfect blend of food lovers.

With the enhancement of the cool November breeze, Food aficionados and experts can look forward to the refreshing sounds of flowing waterfalls in great company - since restaurant week diners are known for never eating alone.

Great taste, they say, is nothing without consistency. And the various options readily available on the menu at The Terrace enables their clients to develop their own favourites. Among the favourable in flavour are the Cajun snapper, spaghetti lobster, and The Terra Nova rack of lamb. Persons tend to gravitate to their dynamic taste and the consistency of them all. “We aim to get it right, mastering these dishes each time they are freshly prepared,” added The Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel and Regency Bar and Lounge Marketing Manager, Matthew Hann.

The Terra Nova Surf and Turf is a grilled fillet Mignon with fish, lobster and shrimp. This palatable dish was added to the restaurant week menu because surf and turf is the ultimate combination of too beautiful world - seafood and meat. It’s an awakening escape from the traditional dishes on the menu so guests should come expecting a burst of new and exciting flavour.

“The star of our show would have to be Frank Gilmore, the maitre d for The Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel and Regency Bar and Lounge. He has been with the company since inception, so he’s definitely foundation. He has served legends, heads of government local and international, even songwriter, singer and musician, Mick Jagger. Any realm of life you can think of, Frank has interacted with them, demonstrating quality customer service. That aside, he enhances the Terra Nova products with his vibrant energy. He looks nothing like his age which is a testament of his youthful exuberance. And he'll lift anyone's spirits once diners walk in. If he can’t do so with charm, then he will execute the serenading approach, putting on a vocal performance right there, just for you. He's certainly a win among our guests and a big win for us,” Hann shared.

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