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RW 2018 | Make RW nice with Bubble and Spice

Published:Wednesday | October 24, 2018 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer
The coffee & cocoa salmon signature fillet with carrot purée served with steamed vegetables and a choice of rice and peas or mashed potatoes.

Ready and eagerly waiting to make your Restaurant Week nice is the delightfully savoury-meets-sweet Bubble and Spice. Formerly known to diners as Rum Jungle, Coral Cliff reopened its doors in July of this year, renaming its restaurant. Bubble and Spice, simply put, is a double entendre. 'Bubble' refers to the intent for dishes to be accompanied by a glass of bubbly, as well as the 'bubbling' your waistline to the sound of their live music, which goes with dining five nights a week - available for Restaurant Week.

Meanwhile, 'Spice' is associated with the natural Jamaican spices infused in each meal, along with their hope to spice up your life with a salacious, show-stopping experience. Their coffee and cocoa salmon, new to the menu, just in time for Restaurant Week, is a signature fillet with carrot purÈe, served with steamed vegetables and, a choice of rice and peas or mashed potatoes. The blend of aromatic cocoa and blue mountain coffee used to create a glaze and marinade is taste so enchanting, it is out of this world. Restaurant Manager Brian Brown added, "We went to great lengths to live up to our name with variety and quality. So for restaurant week, expect an authentically Jamaican experience from decor to world class entertainment to attention to palatable detail, and great customer service."

Bubble and Spice

Montego Bay

St James

Tel: 876-615-3717 or