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RW 2018 | Rocking taste buds to the tune of fine flavours

Published:Wednesday | October 24, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley/ Gleaner Writer
Wine Country Coastal Seafood Bowl Fresh Snapper, Clams, Mussels, Calamari and Shrimp simmered in a spicy Tomato and Wine Broth. Served with Garlic and Olive Toast.

Anchored in the second city, Hard Rock Cafe Montego Bay offers itself as a great culinary escape for food lovers. It's been opened almost two years now, and has been rocking taste buds to the tunes of fine flavours ever since. In anticipating this upcoming Restaurant Week the franchise is ready to unleash an ocean of epic savours for your delight.

With the world's most valuable collection of rock music memorabilia and collectible fashion, dining at this eating house is definitely a grandiose experience. Plus the cool, calm, and soothing atmosphere and gorgeous view of the sea, is another hook that will keep you seated. The food is even more impressive. Known for the incredible seafood fritters, classic wings, Smokehouse ribs, and braised oxtail, Hard Rock Cafe Montego Bay keeps foodies on their toes bursting with the joy from delightful flavours. But now they are turning up the heat in the kitchen, whipping up greater delicacies for your palate. Emanating an inviting appeal, the delicious pork chop entree that features two grilled center cut chops is one of the latest item to be added to the restaurant's menu. It's cooked just right, with each added flavour prepared with you in mind and is served with an appetising side of mashed potatoes to complete a relishing moment of adventurous tastes.

General Manager Fausto Solano stars the show at Hard Rock Cafe. As Andre Dixon, chief operating officer explained, "His work ethics and commitment to ensuring that patrons are enjoying their experience is second to none."

Sunset Drive Freeport Montego Bay

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