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Mouthwatering goodness at Yummy Cafe

Published:Wednesday | November 28, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley/Lifestyle Writer

When you think of great-tasting food, the first word that usually comes to mind is yummy. And that's what you'll get when you place an order at Yummy Cafe. Owned by Aaliyah Zheng, the Northside Plaza, Liguanea-based eating house serves plates of oriental cuisines in palate-pleasing proportions. It has been opened since May and serves up healthy breakfast and lunch options that intensify and satisfy your sense of taste.

"We offer original Asian food. Everything that I love in China, I want to bring it here, and I want to introduce more of my culture for you to experience without having to travel," Zheng told Food.

A big hit in China, Yummy's natural ice tea with savoury fruits is creating the same effect on our green shores. Adding a different touch to the typical green tea, the delicious, unsweetened but sweet treat is passion fruit, pineapple and strawberry. In support of clean eating, Zheng promotes a sugar and soda free diet as one of the best alternatives as she is highlighting the weight-loss benefits of the beverage.

Dessert and noodles are Yummy Cafe's other specialities. Emphasising the kitchen's 30 per cent less sugar rule, Zheng assures all that satisfactions awaits you the eatery's door.


Great choice


The cafe's egg waffle is a great choice. It's not the mundane morning munch. The cake-like snack is so called only for its resemblance to an egg tray. Crunchy on the top but soft at the base, this famous Hong Kong street food makes a perfect combination with your tea.

"This is not what it is called in China, but when people look at it here they think of eggs. And what also surprises them is that it does have a lot of egg in it," she explained.

And the noodles are exceptional. The stewed beef and pork ramen is just right for meat lovers. But that's not all. The bowl chicken steak ramen, with diced chicken, fresh vegetables and noodles, is another flavoursome option for you to explore. Plus, with enthralling snippets of Zheng's native home etched on the walls of Yummy CafÈ and it's intimate space fit for eating out, you'll be returning repeatedly for more.

Zheng invites all to come and try her mouth watering goodies. She says, " I strongly support eating healthily because of the illnesses that accompany unhealthy eating habits. Here, you don't have to worry about what you are eating. Our food is different, for example, we use only egg white in our desserts and the special flour for baking. You will certainly be happy here."

For more information on how you get Yummy in your tummy, you can visit at Shop 11, Northside Plaza in Liguanea, find the cafe on Instagram: @yummycafeja, or call: 876-492-9199