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Vegan Cuisine with Chef Vita

Published:Thursday | December 13, 2018 | 12:19 AMLatara Boodie/GleanerWriter

Known for his culinary prowess in the kitchen Oshane 'Chef Vita' Warren is taking vegan cuisine to a new level. The young chef brings an exciting new twist to his dishes that are not only pleasing to the eyes but taste just as great. Currently Warren is one of the head chefs at "Mi Hungry Wholesome Food" which is a vegan restaurant located in Kingston, Ocho Rios and Mandeville.

For Warren his dream of becoming a chef started in a small community called Brampton located in Trelawny. "At the time I was living with my father and in my free time I would visit my Rastafarian friend Victor Foster aka Jah-Vita a real rasta man," reflected Warren. It was here her learned about the dynamics of ital food and the Rastafarian culture.

After immersing himself in the Rastafarian way of life, Warren became inspired to do more research on how to successfully change his diet from meat to veggies. "I started to read more about the benefits of a vegetarian and vegan diet and with that information it was clear that I needed to make a change on what I put in my body," he explained.

A vegan diet is plant based and allows persons to obtain nutrients in its natural form. This diet focuses on the consumption of seeds, nuts, and, vegetables.

"I don't consider a vegan lifestyle to be harder or expensive, because it's all about the mindset of the person and why they want to go vegan," stated Warren. He explains with the right mindset, people will be able to embrace the joy and positive changes that comes with going vegan and embarking on a healthy lifestyle journey. "On the point of it being expensive, there are many farmers markets that are becoming more popular which makes it possible for anyone to get fresh produce at an affordable cost," said Warren.

The positive energy that Warren uses to start his meals is what makes his dishes unique. The vibrant pairing of colours in both his cooked and non-cooked meals are mesmerising and completely out of the box. "I come up with meal ideas that not only look good but taste good. I love the taste mixing a natural blend of herbs and spices," said the culinary creative.

Being one of the head chefs at Mi Hungry Wholesome Food, Warren has garnered many skills from his daily routine at the restaurant. "I have learned so many skills just working for the restaurant over the years. I have now mastered the preparation of raw vegan food," said a humbled Warren.

Picking a favourite meal is hard for Warren but he loves to prepare mushrooms, herbs and seaweed stir fried with fresh vegetables in coconut oil.

"I will never forget where I started my journey and love for the culinary-arts, so whenever I am in my element of preparing food the passion is on a next level because I love what I do," said Warren

Warren dedicates his work to his late friend Jah-Vita who is not around to see how much he has grown as a vegan chef. "I know he would be proud, that's why his name lives on with me as Chef VITA," said Warren.