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Ashebre leads with authentic spices

Published:Thursday | January 3, 2019 | 12:19 AMRocheda Bartley
Jaja from Ashebre restaurant.
Ashebre Cuisine Blackening Spice.

Ashebre The Virtual Restaurant is taking over the gourmet market with rich and authentic spices. It’s a new line of products made with a touch of love, passion and of course superior culinary skills.

The award-winning cooking house and catering company has recently released its predominantly fruit-based condiments: passion fruit vinaigrette, papaya-ginger vinaigrette, peri peri sauce, blackening spice and pesto sauces.

Shauniel Whitley, sous chef, to the gastronomic mastermind and owner of the restaurant Oji Jaja, told Food that the condiments are excellent alternatives. Speaking from an heavenly experience while testing the products she promises that each will leave a lasting impression on delighted taste buds.

“These products are all exceptional. Their uniqueness comes from the locally sourced ingredients that we use to make them and believe me they are one hundred percent Jamaican. Each taste absolutely amazing and the best part is they contain no preservatives,” Whitley boasted.

Vinaigrette, the native European salad dressing revamped with tropical flavours of the tangy passion fruit, soft palatable texture of papaya and sizzling ginger is enough for your wraps and will surely add a luscious difference to your usual salads. It can also be used to make a delectable dip to be enjoyed with crudites and crackers.


“Peri peri is a great base for any sauce you are making. It is also good or even better than any sandwich spread you’ve had,” she said.

It’s a chilly but deeply flavoured traditional African dressing, but has been improved with local herbs, making it a is perfect option for foodies who love to enjoy fiery flames on their taste receptors.

The Blackening spice is just as exciting and is great on any type of protein. And for vegetarians adding it to your tofu should be one of the best decisions.

“We’re anticipating that you won’t using consumer them for their great tasting flavours but will also lead a healthier lifestyle by including the them in your dietary intake. Also we plan to offer them to a wider region soon firstly throughout the Caribbean and North America,” Whitley explained.

Already the dressings are on the shelves of supermarkets and grocery stores. Loshusan food stores, John R Wong, Select Grocer's, General Foods, Country Store in St Ann are some of the locations where the goodies can be found. Ordering your bottle of dressing online is also possible. So, to get your packages of the gourmet additions visit Ashebre’s website at or