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Peppa’s Chill Spot, a Hidden Gem

Published:Thursday | January 24, 2019 | 12:15 AM
Blue Lagoon made with Wray and Nephew Overproof White Rum.

In just three years, Peppa’s Cool Spot has touched the hearts and palates of many locals and tourists within the island’s second capital. The picturesque view of the Caribbean sea, lush greenery and rustic wooden decor makes the Rampart Cl, Montego Bay, location ideal for a luxuriously private dining experience. “When people come to Peppa’s, they will feel relaxed by the sea view and experience something that is going to spike their tastebuds,” said manager for Peppa’s Cool Spot Danielle Morrison-Hunter.

Bernard ‘Peppa’ Morrison, owner of Peppa’s, has been in the culinary industry for over twenty years.

“My dad knows how to pique the interest of not only our locals, but tourists who want to indulge in Jamaican delicacies,” stated Hunter.

At Peppa’s, each meal is done to order. “Persons need to understand that we are offering a culinary experience. With food being done to order, there will be a bit of a wait time, but our scenic view of the ocean and mellow music set the tone for a peaceful occasion,” said Hunter.

The three must-try meals include a tantalising curried lobster, which is bursting with flavour that complements the freshness of the seafood. The shrimp pasta is also a favourite as its creamy Alfredo sauce incorporates an exciting blend of fresh Jamaican spices and escoveitch fish.

“Persons also love our fish,” said Hunter, who deemed this her meal of choice.


There is an evident symbiosis with nature at Peppa’s, which can be observed from the outdoor bar, which wraps around a tree. The uneven wooden tables made from fallen trees add charming character to the restaurant. “Our bartender makes the best mixes,” said a beaming Cassandra Holmes, waitress at Peppa’s Cool Spot. Food was able to witness the expert mixing of Blue Lagoon made from Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum, a Cosmopolitan with Campari as its secret ingredient and an Amaretto Sour blended with Appleton’s Signature Blend.

“To be honest, Appleton has always been with us since day one. They always ensure we have what we need,” stated Hunter. She expressed gratitude as she recounted the numerous occasions which has brought exposure to the restaurant under the premium liquor brand.

“Person’s have asked why don’t we put up a billboard that says Peppa’s? For us it is a hidden gem and this is exactly what we want it to be. We do not do that much advertising because we want to maintain that sense of seclusion and intimacy. This is a place where persons come for a hide out spot,” said Hunter.