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Powerful flavour at Father Bull’s

Published:Thursday | January 31, 2019 | 12:13 AM
Sashorna Finnikin takes a bite of Father Bull’s tantalising oxtail.
A Jamaican staple, curried goat and white rice.
Blue Lagoon made with Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum.
Tender and juicy oxtail served with rice and peas.
Father Bull’s jerked chicken is packed with flavour.
Romone Robinson, director of Father Bull Jerk Center, was caught enjoying a cool glass of Blue Lagoon.
Pink passion made with Campari.

Known as the tourism Mecca and the space of ‘innovation’, Montego Bay was deemed an ideal location for the expansion of the famous Father Bull Restaurant, Bar and Jerk Center. Praised worldwide for its authentic Jamaican jerked dishes, Father Bull opened its latest location last year along the North Coast Highway at Long Bay, Rose Hall. “We moved to Montego Bay in 2010; however, we found this spot which is a hidden gem and decided it needed to be our new home,” said Romone Robinson, director at Father Bull Jerk Center.

Father Bull landed itself in Jamaica’s culinary history books when it opened its doors over 25 years ago in the heart of Manchester. “My father’s nick name growing up was Bull. Over the years, he developed a lot of respect among his peers who began calling him Father,” laughed Robinson, as he explained the outlandish name of the family-owned restaurant.

The jerk centre’s wide open layout provides a modern yet rustic dining experience. With round barrel chairs and wooden tables, Father Bull is perfect for a quick lunch or hanging out with friends. Expect a lot of wind as the restaurant sits on the edge of the Caribbean Sea. “The ambience is very relaxing because we are located right by the sea. It is a fun open atmosphere,” said Robinson.

Father Bull must-try meals are their savoury curried goat, tender oxtail and delicious jerked chicken which falls off the bone with each bite. “We also have breakfast ready every morning with meals such as stewed chicken, ackee and salt fish and mackerel rundown,” said Robinson.

Genius mixologist

While dining, be sure to ask for their mixologist Milton Clarke, who is a genius when it comes to blending different flavours. His version of ‘Pink Passion’ is spiked with hints of tequila which complements its Campari base perfectly. If you are a white rum lover, then the Blue Lagoon made with Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum is just up your alley. For persons who enjoy their Appleton Signature blend, the Jamaica mule on the rocks is quite delicious.

What makes Father Bull twist on Jamaican cuisine unique is that it incorporates a delightful blend of herbs and spices to enhance the natural flavour of each dish. “It’s not slapdash food. It is well prepared. Very consistent and people are sure of the quality of food when they eat here. We have had several persons come in just from recommendations from other persons who have dined here,” said Robinson.

Robinson admitted that their partnership with Appleton was one of the best decisions they could ever make. “They noticed us because we have been one of the more popular restaurants on the stretch. We were with Red Stripe before. At the end of that contract, Appleton offered us a tremendous deal that we could not refuse, and trust me, this was one of the best decisions that we have ever made,” he explained. He then stated that the restaurant initially started off with a five-year plan. “Appleton has propelled us so much. They really pushed us. We had a five-year plan and Appleton allowed us to complete it in one year. We are very grateful for them,” he said.

Once you are in Montego Bay, be sure to stop by Father Bull Jerk Center. “You can’t miss us, so stop by,” said Robinson.