Sun | May 26, 2019

Sweet confections from Cafe Blue

Published:Thursday | January 31, 2019 | 12:16 AM
The white chocolate latte mousse topped with a semi-dark chocolate Infused with Blue Mountain Coffee moulded into the shape of a coffee bean is an appetite pleaser.

Cafe Blue invited Food to its preliminary Valentine’s Day tasting event recently, and there was a sweet surprise as the coffee shop introduced a number of delicious treats that not only awoke taste buds, but had them dancing to the tunes of piquancy.

A group of foodies, including Miss Universe Jamaica Emily Maddison, PJ Wright from Wright Image Events, Andre Mangue of JPS, and food blogger Jo Will gathered at Coffee Traders Limited for the delicious occasion.

Partnering with chocolate maker Nadine Burie, the tea room has combined the two cherished delights, coffee and chocolate, and a number of tropical fruits to create satisfying snack options.

Led by Burie, the session began with a 56 per cent semi-dark chocolate infused with Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. The treat represented an excellent blend of the two. It’s made with a reduced sugar content and a greater amount of cocoa, which makes it a healthier option. And although a multitude of gustatory cells were impressed, it only whetted appetites for what were to come.

Next on the platter was a white chocolate bar. Initially, it caught the eyes of each sampler. Then, with one bite, it amazed taste receptors as it melted on tongues, leaving behind a luscious and buttery aftertaste. Its smooth texture also eased palates.

Tangy chocolate strawberries, another healthy treat that Cafe Blue now offers, followed. Jason Sharp, managing director of the enterprise, highlighted that all strawberries used to make the irresistible snack are grown locally, and guarantees that each treat, when needed to be consumed, is always freshly made to retain consistency in its flavour.

Praline, a milk chocolate filled with passion fruit coulis, was next. Mimicking the shape of a cocoa pod, the toothsome confection bears a hidden zesty flavour of the passion fruit that intensified the afternoon and ignited conversations.

“The idea behind this was to create something that is sweet and enjoyable with less sugar. And I believe it is a success,” Sharp explained.

A bar of milk chocolate filled with a salted caramel, crushed hazelnuts and crunchy biscuit filling greeted us after. It was followed by milk chocolate with sorrel and ginger filling. The two created a memorable and fulfilling experience for all who were lucky enough to devour the snack.

Finally, there was the white chocolate latte mousse topped with the semi-dark chocolate suffused with Blue Mountain Coffee in the shape of the bean itself. The smooth, creamy texture invited all to dig in, and the subtle coffee sensation was enough to charm pleasure seekers.

Cafe Blue is known for serving awesome cups of the brewed bean drink. But now, with the addition of more delightful offerings to it’s brand, you can make it one of your favourite snacking stops, starting tomorrow, and of course for Valentine’s Day. Indeed, each will create a gastronomic moment, fulfilling your food fantasies.