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‘Fulla Flava’ and Spice: UBTR Str8 Jerk

Published:Thursday | August 22, 2019 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer
Sauce up your taste buds with UBTR’s jerk pork.
A burger makes everything better! Try UBTR’s Str8 Jerk chicken burger.
Just like roadside pan chicken, test out this version of mouthwatering jerk chicken, served with hard bread, festival, fried plantain and coleslaw.
Succulent jerk shrimp served with a sweet and tangy cranberry salsa, topped with feta cheese and fresh cilantro. Jerk shrimp tacos anyone?
Jerk shrimp, skewered and seasoned with UBTR’s signature jerk blend served with a special ranch dipping sauce.
Unleash your inner JaMexican with jerk chicken tacos.
Make the delight of jerk honey mustard lamb, a rack of lamb seared and oven roasted with honey mustard, served with herb cubed potatoes, sauteed local vegetables with balsamic mint reduction and mint jelly, your sweet reality.

‘Fulla flava’ and spice. Expect that tasty combination, and more, when you sink your teeth into the new Str8 Jerk menu at Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records.

Welcome to Jamrock: where the air is crisp and clear, the people are friendly and the cuisine is the most flavorful of the Caribbean and by large, the world. Since the island’s speciality is Jamaican jerk, UBTR has decided to bring you that authentic local taste, fused with flavours and aromas to your palates, leaving you with no choice but to want more!

Over the years, the consistent review at UBTR is that the jerk is ‘fulla flava’ and spice. The blend of jerk seasonings and smoke from the pimento wood allows everyone to enjoy the great taste of traditional jerk without too much spice.

Jamaican twist

Putting a Jamaican twist on Mexican, Italian, American and Chinese food, you name it, UBTR has jerked it! And since the menu usually caters to a wide demographic with Jamaican and international fusion dishes, the culinary team decided to pay homage to ‘yard’, kicking off the Str8 Jerk menu on Independence Day.

The menu features 11 mouthwatering dishes, all jerk infused. Some are traditional, like the crowd– pleasing jerk chicken. Others boast jerk with a twist, such as jerk honey mustard lamb. Str8 Jerk also include jerk pork, jerk shrimp, jerk chicken spring rolls, jerk chicken quesadillas, jerk buffalo wings and more. With diverse options at your fingertips, you can be sure to get your jerk fix anytime.

The secret lies in the seasonings, spices and cooking style, which all combine to create that unique Jamaican flavour.

There will be a number of different promotions that will be in collaboration with our Str8 Jerk menu. There’s an Appleton Cue promotion for all customers who purchase from the Str8 Jerk menu, and this will continue till the end of August.

And starting September, there will be a chance to win a weekend for two at Jewels hotel if you purchase a certain amount from the Str8 Jerk menu! You just never know what promotion will be next on the Str8 Jerk calendar.

So what are you waiting for? Jerk up those taste buds of yours with UBTR’s Str8 Jerk menu, currently available at both Kingston and MoBay locations.