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Celebrating flavours with Café Hibiscus

Published:Thursday | September 19, 2019 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley/Gleaner Writer
Vegetable samosas and daal kachori anyone? It is served with mango and tamarind sauces.
Cooked with Indian spice, it’s not the usual baked chicken, and is worth having.
Coconut curried chicken has just been taken to a new level. Served with spanish rice or vegetables and salad, it is to die for.
This combination of chicken assorted thaali, chickpeas, mixed vegetables and gulan jamun for dessert is superb.
Does grilled chicken wholewheat wrap with home-made special chips sounds delicious?
The bursting flavours of this grilled chicken salad will pop out at you.
You'll surely enjoy the couscous salad.
From left: Chefs Jamar Jackson, Tashagay Laird and Akeen Edwards adore experimenting with Jasuja, to cook up the best flavours for your palate.
Co-owner of Cafe Hibiscus, Saloni Jasuja is excited about thrilling your taste buds with some of her delicous creations.

For the love of food and hunger for an enchanting adventure, pack your bags and head on over to Barbican. There’s a new bistro in town. Indians are known for their culinary prowess in orchestrating a symphony of spices. But Cafe Hibiscus is taking palates to higher heights with Indian dishes infused with Jamaican and Chinese delicacies.

So many foodies know and love the southern Asian country’s food: this might taste familiar. However, the beauty of this hybrid eatery is its success in simmering a trifecta of flavours that’s manifested in new and exciting options.

This two-and-a-half months old café is owned by husband and wife Saloni Jasuja and Pardeep Kumar, who are excellent chefs. Ever since their arrival in Jamaica 10 years, the couple, especially Jasuja, have been charming their friends with delectable meals. They were only experimenting, to ensure that when they finally open the doors of Café Hibiscus, the food would create an epic taste experience for all.

“We are not doing regular Indian food. We are introducing new things, mainly street foods. But our concept of is not like other restaurants. It’s the food that we ate as kids on the roadside in India and even here in Jamaica,” Jasuja told Food.

Exceptional flavours

Does grilled chicken whole wheat wrap with home-made special chips sounds delicious? The exceptional flavours of the meal dance on your taste receptors.

It’s vegetable samosa is likely to become a sure hit among adventurous foodies. This scrumptious option is paired with the good old Indian daal kachori and perfected with mango and tamarind sauces. Trying the grilled chicken salad with the superb green punch juice is one of the best decisions you’ll ever made in your career as a food lover.

Absolutely it’s very likely that you have a difficult task selecting one meal from the bistro’s wide vary. Good news! You don’t have to choose one, just opt for the train, a dish comprising chicken assorted thaali (butter chicken), chickpeas, mixed vegetables and the nectarous gulab jamun for dessert. This is served with rice and roti.

Remember, Indians love their vegetables so, Cafe Hibiscus is just right for vegetarians or those who like to occasionally indulge in the healthier side of tasty.

Cafe Hibiscus is also a family oriented space. So, journey down to the eating house with your children and have them experience the tantalising experience as well. And while you are borrow a book of two from Book Cafe Corner that promotes reading among children.

Cafe Hibiscus offers in and around the Kingston and St Andrew area as well as Spanish Town.

Hungry? Call Cafe Hibiscus at 876-462-8505 for more information. Or visit its social media page @cafe_hisbiscus_ja.