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Taste Italy with Evita’s

Published:Thursday | November 7, 2019 | 12:51 AM

Evita’s sets sails on an enlightening voyage to bring sophisticated tastes of Italy right to your yearning palates. Owner Eva Meyers journeyed to the island 40 years ago, opening the enchanting doors 10 year later.

Evita’s Italian Restaurant has been attracting the likes of veteran and amateur foodies who seek to tip the scale in flavour. Combining Italian and Jamaican tastes, she specialises in pasta. Featuring the delightful dishes like rasta pasta jerk spaghetti, and other spectacular spaghetti selections like no problem, coo-ya, and reggae-toni. The signature dish for Restaurant Week 2019, the Linguini Suprema, is, simply put, amazing! The pasta, which boasts the choice of shrimp lobster meat or lobster in the shell, will definitely be a sure-fire hit among foodie fans. “People love dishes in sauce. And a pasta of this nature, prepared with a rich tomato sauce, usually appeals to those who are more conscious about their weight because it is lighter on the hips,” she revealed, with a smile. She did attest to its great taste and Food is now a believer.

When you’re tasting Italy on this grand occasion, be sure to bask in the bountiful bliss of the surrounding lush greenery and endless, awe-inspiring view.

Eden Bower Road

Ocho Rios

(876) 974-2333