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Appleton Estate’s Influential Epicurean Journey With Joy

Published:Thursday | February 27, 2020 | 12:00 AM

With the Jamaica Rum Festival, presented by Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum, only a few days away (two to be exact!), the iconic brand took a delighted party of 11 influencers on an Epicurean Journey with Joy. Yes, THE Joy Spence, Master Blender of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum, promising a social media worthy experience.

With a stunning tablescape accentuated by calming azure blue,guests were welcomed high above the hustle and bustle of the city to the Caymanas Golf Club. There, they were greeted with a beautifully crafted Appleton Estate cocktail, dubbed Joy, as they breathed in the picturesque views of the golf club below.

Teaming up with Joy who personally selected each cocktail for the pairing was the revered Chef Colin Hylton. Together they entranced guests with an intimate dining experience that left all in attendance with a deeper appreciation for the exquisite versatility of the golden-hued range of blends.

Maurice Smith, who was among the guests, left with a fulfilling experience from his epicurean journey with Joy. “Joy and I discussed how three pairings was the ideal volume — just enough for us to get the full range of expressions through two well-crafted cocktails rounded off by a decadent sipping experience for the last course.”

- Twitter @lessismaur

For Yannick Reid, the dessert pairing was a favourite as it combined cuisine and science for a memorable gastronomical moment. “As hard as it is to choose, I think my favourite pairing was the last one, the Finale Trio paired with Appleton Estate Rare Blend [12 Year Old]. This was my favourite as it had a unique and memorable way to pair the two together . ‘Rum, chocolate, rum’ were the instructions given, and what was truly delightful was that you could actually feel the chemical reaction between the rum and chocolate as you followed the instructions. That was exciting for me as someone who loves food and drink and also appreciates a bit of fun science in-between.”

- Instagram @thetherapistol

As the Jamaica Rum Festival draws near, Chelan Smith feels better equipped to appreciate its offerings. “I have a better understanding of how food goes along with the rum and look forward to sharing this in my vlog as I cover the events.”

- Instagram @chelan876

Joy Spence, a living legend who knows more than a thing or two about rum and food pairing, declared this epicurean experience one for the books, and perhaps the most perfectly paired meal she has helped curate. It was the perfect marriage of rum and food to prelude the Jamaica Rum Festival. We can’t wait to explore more at the Jamaica Rum Festival.