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Antibacterial flooring donated to Ebola Isolation Unit at National Chest Hospital

Published:Wednesday | November 5, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Dr Andrei Cooke (left), chair of the South East Regional Health Authority, with chief operating officer of Caribbean Industrial Systems (CIS), David Steele, and CEO, CIS, André Hutchinson. Contributed

As part of the heightened preparedness by the Jamaican Government to address possible cases of Ebola in the island, an isolation unit has been identified and outfitted at the country's National Chest Hospital in St Andrew.

Last Thursday, Caribbean Industrial Systems (CIS), a leading specialist in industrial wall and flooring solutions, presented a refurbished floor to the isolation unit.

The company used a seamless resin flooring to outfit the unit. This floor will now provide a safe and sterile environment, as the flooring used is antimicrobial, antibacterial and chemical resistant.

Chief operating officer at CIS, David Steele, explained that, "the flooring used has built-in antimicrobial properties which ensure long-term sanitary conditions, a critical component in facilities such as an isolation unit and other medical facilities".


In response to the donation made to the hospital by CIS, Dr Andrei Cooke, chairman of the South East Regional Health Authority, shared, "We are very grateful to CIS, as a private company, for stepping up in such a big way and donating the floor to the isolation unit. This will help to enhance the standard of the facility and, more importantly, ensure that highly infectious diseases are not spread as patients undergo treatment."

Cooke noted that the isolation facility can be used across any medical institution where infectious patients are required to be isolated while undergoing treatment. This upgrade of the isolation unit at the National Chest Hospital will be far-reaching as it provides a sterile environment that can be cleaned easily on an ongoing basis where cases may arise in the day-to-day operation of the hospital.

CEO of CIS, André Hutchinson, shared, "It is timely for us to make a contribution like this and partner with government entities to improve the health facilities, especially as the country seeks to ensure that Jamaicans are protected from infectious diseases, of which Ebola is a threat at this time."

CIS specialises in the supply and installation of both seamless-resin flooring and wall systems, as well as self-levelling floor treatments. It offers solutions that are safe, durable and stain resistant for commercial and industrial facilities to ensure they meet and/or exceed safety and health standards. The company has an extensive portfolio, which includes providing both wall and flooring solutions for companies in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.