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Prostate cancer-preventing miracle blend - Pomegranate, green tea, turmeric, broccoli

Published:Wednesday | September 9, 2015 | 9:00 AM
Green tea

With September being observed as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, men need to understand the importance of screening for this deadly disease, as well as taking necessary precautions to prevent it.

Prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in Jamaica. For the last 17 years prostate cancer has been the leading cause of cancer-related deaths among Jamaican men age 40 years and older. The incidence of prostate cancer in Jamaica is 78.1 per 100,000 men, with the country having the highest prostate cancer mortality rate in the world.

As part of the ongoing study to find ways to prevent this killer disease, British researchers have released findings on a superfood blend they believe can do wonders in preventing prostate cancer. the most common cancer in men around the world.

They have scientifically proven that the combination of broccoli, turmeric, green tea and pomegranate (known as Pomi-T) can do wonders in helping to fight prostate cancer.

Professor Robert Thomas, who works as an oncologist at Bedford Hospital and Addenbrooke's, part of Cambridge University Hospitals, and his team conducted a six-month human study involving 203 adult males, all with prostate cancer.

The men were split into two groups - the essence of pomegranate, turmeric, green tea and broccoli group and the placebo group.

They all took a capsule each day, with either the target ingredients (called 'Pomi-T') or placebo. After six months, the researchers found that prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels were 63 per cent lower among those taking capsules containing essence of pomegranate, turmeric, green tea and broccoli. Compared with those in the placebo group. Not only did the Pomi-T capsules significantly control PSA levels, there were also virtually no adverse effects.

PSA is a protein produced by prostate cells. A blood test can measure PSA levels, which may help detect early prostate cancer.

"Healthy eating and lifestyle is the main way of helping to combat the development of cancer. But men can now also turn to a whole-food supplement which has been shown to work," said Thomas.

The pomegranate, green tea, turmeric and broccoli combination has been dried, concentrated and put into a convenient capsule called 'Pomi-T', now available on the market.


POMEGRANATE: Pomegranate compounds suppress enzymes in the intestine and liver that convert certain molecules (procarcinogens) into cancer-causing agents. As it relates to those with prostate cancer, the active constituents in pomegranate have proven to be potent inducers of malignant cell death through apoptosis. It is rich in ellagic acid, inhibits prostate cancer cell proliferation and induces apoptosis in laboratory studies. In breast cancer cell lines, it increases markers of cell adhesion and reduce migration, which are associated with metastasis.

BROCCOLI: Broccoli’s unique contribution to prostate-cancer-fighting is its ability to up-regulate phase II detoxifying enzymes in gut and liver tissue, enabling the body to render harmless thousands of potentially carcinogenic molecules in our diet. It is rich in isothiocyanate and sulforaphane, inhibit growth and promote apoptosis of cancer cells. Regular intake down-regulates genes linked to cancer growth, and up-regulates genes linked to cancer suppression, particularly in the 50 per cent of the population who carry a mutated glutathione S-transferase gene.

TURMERIC: Turmeric’s unique contribution to prostate-cancer-fighting is its extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties, provided chiefly by its natural primary component, curcumin. Reducing inflammation with curcumin reduces the metastases that ultimately kill prostate cancer patients. Curcumin also down-regulates genes involved in adhesion, motility, and invasiveness that prostate cancer cells need to invade and spread. Curcumin specifically inhibits prostate cancer cell production of PSA by blocking its genetic expression. At the same time, it also reduces activation of the androgen receptors on cancer cells that trigger increased production of PSA. But the whole turmeric root also contains important oils and other substances that enhance curcumin’s absorption and have health benefits of their own, including anti-cancer actions. Turmeric also inhibits the growth of stem cells that give rise to breast cancer without harming normal breast cells.

GREEN TEA: Green tea makes a unique contribution to prostate-cancer-fighting as a result of a special combination of naturally occurring polyphenols called catechins. Studies show that one of green tea’s catechins, EGCG, accumulates specifically in prostate tissue, where it selectively kills cancer cells (leaving healthy cells unaffected) and reduces serum PSA levels. Green tea inhibits breast and prostate cancer cell proliferation, block de-differentiation and angiogenesis.