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Lifespan for your health

Published:Friday | January 29, 2016 | 3:20 PM

Lifespan is the only spring water in Jamaica that is Naturally Alkaline.

The only Natural Alkaline Spring water in Jamaica and the Caribbean with a minimum pH of 7.9.

Lifespan’s source is from the Northern slopes of the Blue Mountains where the natural process of filtration and alkalinity are caused by the mineral rocks. 

It can take as much as 15 years or more from rainfall on the top of the Blue Mountains to the water springing forth from the aquifer.

Our acquifer is the only one in all of Blue Mountains known to date hence Lifespan is the only natural alkaline spring water.

The water from the source is then ozonated before being captured in a bottle of Lifespan.

The southern Blue Mountain slopes are where there are the most coffee lands where chemical fertilisation is used over the coffee growing areas.

The source of your water is just as important as its consumption.

The transformation of potable water into various bottled waters was no accident over the years.

Most consumers know they need water but do not know what type, how much; when it is needed and where it comes from. 

Natural Alkalinity is not an overnight process as some bottlers of water are doing today.

One must check on their sources.

Other alkaline waters on the market are made through Kagen machine processes, through electrolysis, or the use of chemicals in tanks such as sodium hydroxide or sodium bicarbonate to enhance alkalinity.

Their source of water is usually purified water, for others plain tap water, and then put on the market to the unsuspecting consumer that truly wants the water made alkaline by mother nature and natural minerals, not by man.

Health benefits of natural alkaline spring water:
There are many types of bottled water on the market .There are spring water, purified water, mineral water and flavoured water .

As a consumer we need to ask questions before consuming a bottle of water. What is the pH of the product? The pH measurement will indicate if it is acidic, neutral or alkaline in its true form.

True spring water should have a pH that is neutral that is 7.

All other types will have a pH below 7 making them acidic.

Our diet should be 80 percent alkaline forming foods and 20 per cent acidic foods.

This enables the body to be healthier as consuming more acids will break down our immune systems and leads to sickness.

Lifespan spring water is distributed by Massy Distributors. Visit our FB page lifespanspringwater for additional information on’’ Think before you Drink’’