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Jamaica gets first tele-health mobile app: Xpress-Health

Published:Wednesday | March 9, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Dr Shaun Jones

Trinity Mall Medical Centre and US-based HopSync Technologies have signed an exclusive deal to allow the use of the Xpress-Health mobile app in Jamaica for the purposes of improving access, delivery and coordination of health-care services to patients.

The signing of this agreement is the first time that a Mobile App will be used to provide health services in Jamaica. This will place Trinity Mall Medical in a position to provide exceptional services to their patients, and allow for other physicians to be approved for similar improvements in their healthcare delivery.

This mobile app is a pioneering move for the Jamaican healthcare system, as "Xpress-Health" will not only improve access, but reduce costs and facilitate greater convenience for patients.

Dr Shaun Jones, clinical director at Trinity Mall Medical, stated that "we are very excited to work with HopSync Technologies. Teaming up with HopSync Technologies to provide Xpress-Health is an exciting development for our medical centre, our patients and Jamaica. This will enable us to provide patients with real-time messaging with our doctors, e-prescriptions, medication reminders and doctor's appointments using this Xpress-Health mobile app".

This access will enhance communication and lead to quality healthcare for patients. Over the years, Trinity Mall medical centre has been a leader in customer service and innovative health-care delivery, such as tele-health consultations, 24-hour urgent care, evening ultrasounds, on-site corporate clinics and the use of robust electronic health recording systems.

"Trinity Mall Medical Centre is a great partner, and this agreement exemplifies their dedication to the leading-edge patient care and reflects our desire to collaborate with companies that share our vision of health-care anytime, health-care anywhere," said Dr Aisha Liferidge, MD., MPH, chief medical officer, HopSync Technologies LLC.

HopSync Technologies LLC is known for its long history of developing mobile health-care technology and pursues similar strategic agreements with several other global partners. Proper credentialing of doctors will be necessary to implement this plan. Initially, HopSync Technologies LLC will provide Trinity Mall Medical Centre with the authority, and security clearance necessary to approve doctors.

As the plan unfolds, Trinity Mall Medical Centre will vet qualified doctors and will collaborate with agencies such as the Medical Council of Jamaica and the Medical Association of Jamaica to ensure that only qualified doctors are allowed to interact with patients on Xpress-Health. The Xpress-Health app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and from the Apple App Store, and is available for free.

Trinity Mall Medical Surgical and Ultrasound Centre was established in 2001. It is one of Montego Bay's premiere medical centres. It is led by Dr Shaun Jones and his proactive staff who has helped the company to win the hearts of its patients for its innovative leadership in the delivery of high-quality health-care services that includes excellent customer service, empathy, and providing a warm family environment for patients. The centre's mission is to continuously to combine the advances in medicine and technology to advance their service delivery to patients.

Trinity Mall Medical Surgical and Ultrasound Centre has been serving many clients in the western regions of Jamaica and partners with several specialist doctors in Montego Bay.

HopSync Technologies LLC was founded in 2009 and is a US-based health information technology company that has created Apps including: HopSync VIP, HopSync Pro, HopSync Health Pro, SpeakWithDoc and Xpress-Health. HopSync Technologies is known for its focus on scheduling, navigation and secure messaging solutions. The company's mission is to advance access through mobile technology, and currently employs teams spanning the greater Washington DC area, New York City, Philadelphia, McLean, Boston and Austin.