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Golden rules to reduce kidney disease risks

Published:Wednesday | March 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Kidney diseases are often referred to as 'silent killers', which will greatly affect your quality of life. There are, however, several easy ways to reduce the risk of developing kidney disease.

1. Keep fit and active. Have a regular exercise routine.

2. Keep regular control of your blood sugar level.

3. Monitor your blood pressure.

4. Maintain a proper, healthy diet.

5. Reduce salt intake and keep your weight in check. Too much salt overworks the kidneys.

6. Stay hydrated. Always start your day with a glass of water and drink approximately eight glasses during the day. Kidneys don't function without water. Drinking water frequently helps to flush the kidneys, keep them healthy and functioning properly.

7. Do not smoke. Smoking adds toxins to the body and gives the kidneys more work to help flush the system.

8. Do not take over-the-counter pills on a regular basis.

9. Get your kidney function checked regularly if you have one or more of the 'high risk' factors:

- Diabetes

- Hypertension

- Obesity

- If you smoke

- Over the age of 50 years

- One of your parents or other family members suffers from kidney disease

- Of African, Hispanic, Asian, or Aboriginal origin.