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Kinder people have the most sex, new study

Published:Wednesday | October 19, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Kinder people have much better sex,

Kinder people have much better sex, and, in fact, more of it than everyone else, suggested a new study recently released by The British Journal of Psychology.

For the study, 192 single women and 105 single men took a series of tests to assess their levels of altruism and their success in dating and mating.

The nicer the person was, the more sex they had overall. Interestingly, unlike women in the study, guys who were ranked as more altruistic had a higher number of casual sex partners, too.

According to the study authors, that makes perfect sense. Why? Well, examining the primitive days of the hunter-gatherer cultures, a man's ability to return to his tribe and display generosity with his loot made him a much more viable partner.

So, being a helping hand to others in need has another nice side benefit.