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Doctor's Appointment | Nembhard-Salmon is the biggest loser

Published:Wednesday | April 12, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Members of the team behind the New Year ... New Me ... 2017 Weight-Loss Challenge. From left: Delmar Graham and Ceceile Murray, trainers at Express Fitness; Jodi Hyatt, Tru-Juice brand manager; Dr Sara Lawrence, host, ‘Doctor’s Appointment’; Anntonette Cowan-Palmer, regional manager, NCB Insurance; along with Express Fitness’ Suzanne Ingram, sales executive, and Dwight Walter, trainer.

The NCB Procare/Express Fitness New Year ... New Me, 2017 weight-loss challenge, an extension of the hit television programme, 'Doctor's Appointment', came to a close last weekend, when contestants stepped up for their final weigh-in.

At the end, Tanasha Nembhard-Salmon, 38; Kenesha Hines, 34; and Andrew Irving, 49, emerged winners of the competition, copping first, second and third positions, respectively.

In partnership with Express Fitness, NCB Insurance's ProCare and Tru-Juice Green Juice, the 'New Year New Me 2017' weight-loss challenge was created to provide both entertainment value and inspire action towards healthier living.

The feature followed 12 contestants who committed to improving their health through the reduction of their weight, as well as better nutrition with assistance from Express Fitness trainers.

At the beginning, Tanasha Nembhard-Salmon, who stands at 5 feet 4 inches, weighed in at 268 pounds. She has been hypertensive since age 17 and years later, would also become diabetic. In addition, her weight caused her health to spiral out of control, resulting in multiple visits to the hospital for emergency care - particularly in 2016.

Things were to change after she came across the invitation for contestants to join the initiative, recognising it was time to take a step in the direction towards turning around her life.




"I wasn't a very active person and I hate walking. I know I have to eat somewhat healthily because I am diabetic, but, Lord, I hate vegetables. So adjusting to the necessary diet was a big challenge," she shared.

Despite many challenges, Nembhard-Salmon pushed through. This spirit did not go unnoticed by resident trainer at Express Fitness, Andre Brown.

"I had the two heaviest of all the contestants, but Tanasha was more of a go-getter. [However] she was a bit doubtful as the biggest remaining contestant, plus she had a lot of issues - her knees, and she's diabetic. A lot of activities that could have aided her to lose weight faster, she could not do. So I had to look to her diet, to ensure that she ate properly, and also her cardio," Brown explained.

Still, Nembhard-Salmon, in learning this, found the strength to push on with her trainer's help. One lap became 10 and grew upwards to even 30.

"Before, I thought persons [at the gym] were looking at me because I was slow, but I told myself I'm doing this for me. I've gotten to the point where if I miss training with Andre, I still go and repeat what he gave me to do the day before. My body is transforming. Initially, I didn't like wearing clothes that show too much of my body, but now I feel sexy," Nembhard-Salmon, who is a mother of two, stated.

After rigorous routines, designed by Brown, over the 12-week competition, she lost 32 pounds. Brown said she has since displayed greater fitness and confidence in the gym.




She edged out second-place winner Kenesha Hines, who ended the competition 29 pounds lighter, down from 230 pounds, and Andrew Irving who lost 17 pounds from 310 pounds.

Dr Sandra Knight, anti-ageing specialist at Harmony Health Clinic and guest on the show, noted that being overweight, and more so, obese, increases the risk of developing certain ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, as well as strains to the musculoskeletal structure.

She pointed out that weight management is therefore key to preventing or controlling the impact of these complications. This, she noted, requires a strategy which includes:

1. Deciding to lose weight, understanding the reason it is necessary.

2. Choosing a method that does not harm the body and impair the metabolism.

3. Sticking to what works in the appropriate routine and avoiding going to the extreme.

4. Being active all-round and eating a balanced diet - that is, less sugar, salt and bad calories.

5. Remembering that maintaining positive body mass index is more about reducing risks than it has to do with aesthetic achievement.

For the winning contestants, their victory marks a highlight on the journey to a better self, which continues with the assistance of prizes they received.

Nembhard-Salmon walked away with a one-year membership, plus six months' personal training at Express Fitness, J$40,000 and a gift package. As her trainer, Andre Brown also received a cash prize of J$40,000.

The second-prize winner earned six months' membership with a month's personal training, J$25,000 cash, while her trainer, Dwight Walters, wins J$25,000.

Lastly, three months' membership with one month's personal assistance went to the third-place winner. All contestants and trainers received gift packages courtesy of Tru-Juice and Cari-Med.

Other trainers participating in the competition included Ceceile Murray, Delmar Graham, Marie Porter and Oneil Morgan.

- 'Doctor's Appointment' wishes to thank all its sponsors - Maverick Communications Ltd, Spanish Court Hotel, NCB Insurance ProCare, NCB, The Gleaner, Singer, WATA, Express Fitness, Jamaica Dairy Development Board, THE Star, TVJ, Flirt Boutique, Tru-Juice, Cari-Med, HHG Magazine, Fay Wint, Evergrow and Nutrify.