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Preventing new shoes from giving you blisters

Published:Wednesday | June 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM
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Although you purchased the correct size shoes, breaking in a new pair can be a painful experience. But that doesn't have to be. There are several ways to break in new shoes without damaging your feet.

We've all suffered from blistered ankles and aching toes, but you don't have to let your new shoes ruin your day. Instead, stretch them out naturally.

No matter what your shoe is made of, the material is pliable enough to form to the contours of your foot. Even the toughest of leathers can be moulded to fit your feet.

Here are a few simple ways to break in your new shoes without harming your feet.




Start off slow. Don't try to break in your new shoes by wearing them for an entire day. Wearing the new shoes in short spurts will break in the shoe without causing you loads of pain.




Spray rubbing alcohol and water on the inside of your new leather shoes. Immediately after spritzing the shoes, wear them for about 20 minutes. After you repeat this method a few times, your shoes will mould to your foot size.




If you need to stretch out your shoes overnight, one tactic is filling two plastic bags with water, and then placing a bag into each of your shoes. From here, place the shoes into the freezer, and leave overnight. The water will harden into ice, and expand your shoe.




Layer a few socks over each shoe shaper, and insert into your shoes. Leave these in the shoes overnight, and wake up to perfectly fitting shoes.




If your new shoes are causing major blisters, then don't turn to typical bandages. Use blister cushions instead. This will ward off blisters for a long time, making your feet much happier.

Blister patches, whether they're stuck to your shoes or your feet, can help keep your shoes in place and prevent rubbing.Try Dr. Scholl's for Her Rub Relief Strips or Compeed Blister Relief Pack Plasters. It also never hurts to carry some Band-Aids in your purse during your shoes' first few outings. If a spot on your foot starts to rub, throw a Band-Aid on it.

Eliminate friction, and you eliminate blisters. That's where blister-prevention sticks, like Band-Aid Friction Blister Block Stick, and even anti-chafing products for runners, like BodyGlide, come in handy. They all lubricate your skin to reduce friction. Try applying them to your hotspots before leaving the house.




Double up on thick socks and wear your new shoes while doing household tasks. These added layers will help to stretch your shoes.




If your shoes are tight in certain spots, then blast them with a hairdryer on low heat. The heat will help expand the shoes.

See? Now new shoes can be as glorious and painless as they're intended to be.