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Fit 4 Life | Are you Tuff Enuff?

Published:Wednesday | June 6, 2018 | 11:10 PMMarvin Gordon
The Fit 4 Life's Tuff Enuff Challenge is to complete the eleven-trial circuit in the shortest time possible. Here, fitness coach Marvin Gordon demonstrates the tyre flip.
DJ Sparks demonstrates the sledge hammer swing

Are you tough enough? That is the question we ask with the second instalment of The Gleaner's Fit 4 Life challenge. Yes, we know you have been making progress in your training. We know you have remained consistent, but are you truly fit?

In search of the answer, we present a challenge; a true test of holistic fitness. The Tuff Enuff Challenge, a taxing obstacle bootcamp challenge, is not for the faint of heart.

The 10-exercise circuit will take all you have and demand more. Fit 4 Life has you covered, though. Look out for the training and nutrition guides in print and online and you could be on your way to boosting your fitness, and claiming the title of 'Tuffest'.


In Fit 4 Life's first season, we had one goal: moving more Jamaicans into a world where they can reap the benefits of physical fitness.

This year, the competition highlights two things: challenging the limits of your fitness safely and having fun while doing so. The challenge is to complete the eleven-trial circuit in the shortest time possible.

The trials are arranged into three supersets:


- battle rope

- sledge pull/push

- tyre flip

- sledgehammer swings


- farmer's walk

- Box jump

- bear crawl


- monkey bar

- rope climb

- agility ladder push-up circuit

Remember that you are competing against others. Time and form are paramount. Participants face penalties for each rep completed incorrectly, with each penalty diminishing their chances of finishing the race in competitive time.


To ensure safety, competitors will undergo health and fitness screening. As usual, we recommend consulting with a doctor before undertaking any fitness programme.


To participate, send an email expressing interest to or

Look out for The Gleaner's Fit 4 Life team as we 'touch di road' with our sponsors to bring you the training you need to become tuff enuff.

The event schedule, along with training and nutrition guides, will be published in the coming the weeks, so keep your Gleaner close.

- Marvin Gordon is a fitness coach; email:;