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Gleaner’s Fit 4 Life’s Tuff Enuff: The ultimate challenge

Published:Saturday | June 23, 2018 | 12:19 PM
Going high for the box jump at The Gleaner's Fit 4 Life Season 2 Tuff Enuff launch at Life Fit Training Centre, 15 3/4 Red Hills Road, St Andrew, Saturday.
Male and female winners of the battle rope challenge - Rainford Wint (second right, Gleaner sales manager) and Latara Boodie (second left). Handing out the prizes are: Marvin Gordon (left), Fit 4 Life fitness coach; Jodi-Ann Hewitt (third left), Chas E. Ramson promotion supervisor; Suwannee Caine (fourth left), head of Gleaner's marketing and sponsorship; and Dana-Gail, Chas E Ramson promoter.
The sledge hammer swing needed strong upper body
It was all grit for the sled push
Not sure if she is resting or working those abs on the plyo ball.
Fit 4 Life participants stretching out at the end of gruelling boot camp.
Powering through the farmer's walk.
Latara Boodie taking on the rope challenge.
The farmer's walk wasn't an easy feat.
Fit 4 Life fitness coach Marvin Gordon taking participants through the stretches.
The Gleaner's Fit 4 Life's project manager, Anastasia Cunningham, takes on the sled push during last Saturday's Tuff Enuff launch at Life Fit Training Centre.
Nordia Craig, Gleaner's business development manager, showed fitness coach LeVaughn Flynn she could handle the battle rope.
Who will be the last man standing in the push up challenge?
Neville Graham conquers the tyre flip.

The Gleaner’s Fit 4 Life Season 2 Tuff Enuff Challenge got off to an exciting start on Saturday, as participants were determined to prove if they were tuff enuff.

Launched at the Life Fit Training Centre, Red Hills Road in St Andrew, week one of the 12-week season featured a gruelling boot camp.

Fitness trainers Marvin Gordon and LeVaughn Flynn took participants through the circuit of battle rope, tyre flip, sled push, box jump, sledge hammer swing, lung & twist with sandbag, abs on the plyo ball, squat jump with dead lift bar, and farmer’s walk.

Yet it still wasn’t over, as those who were left standing had to dig deep and really prove who was tuff enuff in the three challenges – battle rope, tyre flip and push up.

In the end, the winners were: Jomo Hamilton in the push up challenge; Rainford Wint (male) and Latara Boodie (female) in the battle rope; and Ahon Gray (male) and Alesa Pryce (female) in tyre flip challenge.

“Wow, this was tough, but I loved it,” Annett Jones declared, lying on the ground at the end of the early morning session. She promised to come out to as many Saturday morning events as possible.

Sponsor Chas E Ramson was a lifesaver, with power shakes to revitalise everyone, made with their products Foska Oats and Blue Diamond Almond Milk.

Week two of Fit 4 Life Tuff Enuff takes place on Saturday, June 30, at Calabar High School with the TrainFit Club.

Everyone is invited to come out to each of the 12-week boot camps, free of cost, as The Gleaner’s Fit 4 Life team journeys with Jamaica to a healthy, fitter life.

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and The Gleaner’s website to see where we will be next.

Each week – starting at 6:30 a.m. – will feature boot camp style workouts, lifestyle and fitness tips, challenges to win great prizes, and demonstrations and samplings from sponsors and partners.

Over the 12 weeks, the Fit 4 Life team will condition and prepare participants to take the ultimate Tuff Enuff Challenge – 10 intense obstacle courses arranged in three supersets – on Saturday, September 8.

The question is: are you Tuff Enuff? Let’s find out.

For more details or to enter the challenge, email: