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Fit 4 Life | Sweet Energy and FitRev were on fire

Published:Tuesday | August 7, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Fit 4 Life Season 2 Tuff Enuff Challenge seventh event with Sweet Energy Fitness Club and FitRev at Police Officers Club, 34 Hope Road, St Andrew on Saturday, August 4, 2018.
The Dun Dem Team took it home in the Obstacle Race Challenge.
The Monster Crew Team came second in the Obstacle Race Challenge.
Neville Graham flying over the obstacles for his winning Dun Dem Team.
Taking on the tyre run obstacle course.
It was a race of the fittest for the Monster Crew.
The Phoenix Team came third in the Obstacle Race Challenge.
Enjoying the delicious offering from Caribbean Choice.
Sampling the various teas from Shavuot International.
Leg work with Oneil 'FitRev' Randall of Fitness Revolution Club.
Working those legs
Dancing it out with Sweet Energy's Shavarr McFarlane.
Doing the stick jumping jacks.
Sponsor Chas E Ramson preparing power shakes for Fit 4 Lifers.
Ammo Squat with Sweet Energy's #LiveWireMC Sheena-Kay

"This is a really great programme. It really is. This is my third time coming out and each week it's always something different, fun, exciting and a really good workout," Ann Marie Thompson shared with The Gleaner after Saturday morning's Fit 4 Life event at the Police Officers Club in St Andrew.

"Thanks to this Fit 4 Life programme, I'm learning a lot about keeping fit and eating healthier, and I'm exercising more. I'm glad I'm a part of it and I will continue to come out as often as I can."

It was indeed a gruelling boot camp, as The Gleaner's Fit 4 Life team joined the Sweet Energy Fitness Club and Fitness Revolution Club for the early-morning session that featured three circuits - weight training with core, upper body and lower body workout; four-set obstacle course; and aerobics.

Personal trainers Anthony Kepple, Junior Endevarous, Robert 'Astro' Whyte, #livewire MC Sheena-Kay, Shavarr McFarlane, Oneil 'FitRev' Randall, Lorenzo McIntosh and Marvin Gordon worked the full turnout of Fit 4 Lifers, ensuring that everyone got a complete, full body workout.

Fit 4 Lifers enjoyed power shakes from sponsor Chas E Ramson made with Foska Oats and Blue Diamond Almond Milk, as well as delicious treats from partner GraceKennedy's Caribbean Choice; a variety of natural teas from Shavuot International; refreshing beverage from Grace Aloe; and Catherine's Peak water.


Medical checks


Sponsor Medical Associates gave free medical checks to ensure everyone was fit and ready.

Three teams took part in the Obstacle Race Challenge - Monster Crew, Phoenix and Dun Dem.

Dun Dem came out on top, followed by Monster Crew, while Phoenix finished third.

No one went home empty-handed, as each team member got prizes such as teas from Shavuot International; gift baskets from sponsor Chas E Ramson; and gift baskets from GraceKennedy; one month membership with Sweet Energy Fitness Club; and one-month membership with Life Fit Training Centre; Fit 4 Life gift bags, t-shirts and water bottles.

Time is running out. It's week eight this Saturday, August 11, as The Gleaner's Fit 4 Life team joins fitness guru Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn at the Life Fit Training Centre, 15 3/4 Red Hills Road, St Andrew (upstairs Dunn's Electrical), at 6:30 a.m.

Everyone is invited to come out to each of the Saturday morning boot camps, free of cost, as the Fit 4 Life team journeys with Jamaica to a healthy, fitter life.

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and The Gleaner's website to see where we will be next - #fit4lifeja

Each week - starting at 6:30 a.m. - will feature boot camp-style workouts, lifestyle and fitness tips, challenges to win great prizes, free medical checks from sponsor Medical Associates; and demonstrations and samplings from sponsors and partners. For 12 weeks, the Fit 4 Life team will condition and prepare participants to take the ultimate Tuff Enuff Challenge - 10 intense obstacle courses arranged in three supersets - on Saturday, September 8.

The question is: are you Tuff Enuff? Let's find out.

For more details on how to enter the challenge, email: