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Robert Brown: NHF’s 5-Star General for healthy living

Published:Friday | August 31, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Gregory Mair (right), chairman of the National Health Fund (NHF), presents the trophy for the 5-Star Health General Award to Robert Brown from the Chancellor Insurance Agency. The presentation was made at the NHF Work It Out Challenge Awards ceremony, held at the Spanish Court Hotel in Kingston in May. The 5-Star Health General Award is a special initiative of the NHF targeting men to improve their health and lifestyle choices and is presented to the male who scores the highest points at the end of the weight-loss and fitness team competition known as the Work it Out Challenge.

On September 16, 2017, when Robert Brown weighed in to join the National Health Fund's Work It Out Challenge, he had one goal in mind. That was to lose weight, specifically from his abdomen.

"My wife was one of my biggest motivators," said Brown with a chuckle in an interview recently. "She noticed that I was putting on some extra pounds on my belly, and I literally looked down and saw just what she was talking about, so I decided then and there that it had to go."

Luckily for him, a colleague was seeking four persons to join her in signing up for the Work It Out Challenge, a fitness and weight-loss competition held yearly by the National Health Fund (NHF). He immediately signed up as he felt that it was not an opportunity to pass up.

For 24 weeks, Brown and his team were completely engrossed in nutrition workshops and exercise sessions, which included dancing, aerobics, and boot camps. Though it was a significantly different change in pace, Brown faced each set of jumping jacks, push-ups, and obstacle courses with gusto. He was determined to meet his goal and endure to the end.

His hard work paid off when in May of this year, he not only won his first fitness challenge as part of the Chancellor Insurance Agency's team in the Work It Out Challenge, but earned top honours as NHF's 5-Star Health General and overall Top Male Winner for 2017.

"I come from a big family. The house in which I lived would have at least eight of us at any one time. So you could say I am used to the competition, somewhat, but I can truly say winning this one was very rewarding," said Brown.

At the end of the competition, and approximately 26 pounds lighter, Brown does not regret any of the dietary sacrifices he had to make for the betterment of his health. These included cutting out rice and his personal favourite - dumplings - and adding more fruits, vegetables, and water.

Armed with the knowledge he has gained from participating in the challenge, Brown is keen on achieving his optimum fitness level and losing at least 60lbs in total on his journey to a healthier lifestyle. Brown still exercises and maintains a proper diet post-competition.

"Eating right and exercising have just become a part of me since being on the Work It Out Challenge. I started because I wanted a firm stomach, but what I have received is so much more - a more positive outlook on living a healthier and fitter lifestyle," said the 5-Star Health General.

As part of the NHFs' 15th anniversary celebrations, this year's Work It Out Challenge features special prizes and giveaways totalling $2 million and a donation of $50,000 for the winning team towards a charity of their choice.

All competitors must have a body mass index of 28 and over to qualify, and each team of five persons must have a captain. The deadline for all teams to sign up for the Work It Out Challenge 2018-2019 is September 4.

To register, visit the NHF's website at Fax completed entry forms to (876) 906-1105.