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Fit 4 Life | In the end ... Being Tuff was Enuff

Published:Wednesday | September 12, 2018 | 12:07 AM
Nerine bear crawls her way to the challenge finish.
Aaron competes with the farmer's walk.
Male challenger Kamau shows that stature is just a state of mind as he attacks the battle ropes.
Nerine tackles the monkey bars.
After a gruelling 12 weeks, Fit 4 Lifers celebrate a period well spent.
Winners of The Gleaner's Fit 4 Life Final Season Two 'Tuff Enuff' Challenge, Gavin (fourth left) and Lacrisha (fifth right) enjoy a photo op with stakeholders and partners. Pictured from left are Robert 'Astro' Whyte of Sweet Energy Fitness; Jordan Harris of Shavuot International; Marsha-Lee Stewart of Chas E. Ramson; Suwannee Caine of The Gleaner; Fit 4 Life fitness coach Marvin Gordon; Christopher Barnes, managing director of The Gleaner; Ingrid Medwinter of Grace Foods and Services; Stokely Rose of TrainFit Club; and Kurt Dunn of Body By Kurt.
Wild card Gavin hits the top of the rope climb, on his way to winning the challenge.
Gavin and Lacrisha proved themselves 'Tuff Enuff' as they emerged the challenge winners of Fit 4 Life season two. Here they display some of the myriad prizes they received from sponsors and partners.
Lacrisha makes her way to the top of the rope and the Tuff Enuff Challenge.
The stretch is always important to keep the muscles loose.
Sweat-glistened skin is testament of the vigorous workout that Robert 'Astro' Whyte put the Fit 4 Lifers through.

What an exciting and intense end it was to The Gleaner's Fit 4 Life Season 2 Tuff Enuff Challenge last Saturday!

In fact, what an exceptional season it was! Twelve weeks of boot camps that truly tested the fitness level of Fit 4 Lifers, thanks to Season 2 partners Sweet Energy Fitness Club, TrainFit Club, Body By Kurt and Life Fit Training Centre.

It all came to a head early Saturday morning at the Life Fit Training Centre, 153/4 Red Hills Road, St Andrew, as finalists in the Tuff Enuff Challenge battled for bragging rights as the 'tuffest' of them all.

Under the strict rule of Tuff Enuff challenge master, Robert 'Astro' Whyte of Sweet Energy Fitness Club, the 13 contestants - seven males and six females - steeled themselves to take on the 10 intense obstacles arranged in three supersets on the Tuff Enuff course. One after the other, they tackled the sled push, tyre flip, battle rope, sledgehammer swing, farmer's walk, step up, bear crawl, agility ladder shuffle, monkey bar and ending with the rope climb.

In the end, Tuff Enuff Challenge judges Stokely Rose (TrainFit), Kurt Dunn (Body By Kurt) and Levaughn Flynn (Life Fit) declared Gavin the ultimate Tuff Enuff winner in the male category in a time of 4.25.39 and Lacrisha in the female category in a time of 5.19.78.

Runners-up were Aaron (male) 4.53.76 and Vanessa (female) in 6.58.90.

The other challengers - George, Kamau, Richard, Renard and Jerry-Neil (male) and Nickesia, Francine, Nerine and Teisha (female) - all represented proudly and with strong determination.

The Tuff Enuff Challenge winners and challengers earned prizes including memberships to Body By Kurt, TrainFit Club, Sweet Energy Fitness Club, Life Fit Training Centre and FitRev Club; shopping vouchers to Hi Lo Supermarket; makeovers at Totally Male; and gift baskets from Fit 4 Life, Chas E. Ramson, Medical Associates, GraceKennedy and Shavuot International.

Sponsor Chas E. Ramson refuelled everyone with power shakes made with Foska Oats and Blue Diamond Almond Milk; while partner GraceKennedy's Caribbean Choice provided enjoyable meals. There were also refreshing beverages from Grace Aloe and Catherine's Peak, and natural teas from Shavuot International.

Sponsor Medical Associates was on hand to do medical check-ups.


From The Gleaner's Fit 4 Life management team:

- Anastasia Cunningham: project manager, event organiser and editor 

- Marvin Gordon: producer, fitness coach and creative director 

- Tennesia Malcolm: coordinator and event organiser 

- Tiyba Wilson: marketing officer

Special thanks to our sponsors & partners:

- Training partners: Sweet Energy Fitness Club, Body By Kurt, TrainFit Club and Life Fit Training Centre

- Sponsors: Chas E. Ramson (Blue Diamond Almond Milk and Foska Oats) and Medical Associates

- Partners: Shavuot International, GraceKennedy Money Services, Caribbean Choice, Catherine's Peak and Aloe Drink.

The Gleaner's Fit 4 Life remains committed to journeying with Jamaica to a healthier, fitter life, so continue to read the Health section of The Gleaner every Wednesday for ways to stay on that path and look out for Season 3 of Fit 4 Life.

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