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Dr Alfred Dawes | The events that shall come to pass in 2019

Published:Wednesday | January 2, 2019 | 12:00 AM

And, I, Alfred of the tribe of Dawes, in the third year of my sojourn in the savanna by the sea saw these things of which I speak; not for sake of visions from The Most High, but through the wisdom that He hath granted to me and all who hath eyes to see.

These are the events that shall come to pass in the land of the Irie where the ninth day is the resting place of all wonders of which we cry.


Death in the Hospital


It shall come to pass that the Children of the Field Slaves shall lose many in the House of the Sick for want of attention and tools for the guardians of the house. And there shall be great outcry and wailing for a pound of flesh. But the flesh shall not be forthcoming. For the system was shaped in a formless image where the parts that are rotten shall not be removed.

And the Children of the House Slaves care not for they knoweth that they owneth the pieces of silver to enter into those Houses of the Sick where they may exchange them for health. And the Children of the House Slaves knoweth that if they have need they shall call upon the Priests to direct the guardians of the houses to restore the health of the Children of the House Slaves before that of the Children of the Field Slaves.

And the Children of the Field Slaves shall cry out until the ninth day and thereafter shall cry no more...until another shall pass in the House of the Sick.


Abandoned Temple


And behold I saw a temple. And the temple was magnificent in size and shape. But it was empty, save for those who toiled to make it whole. But the sun shall rise and set in 2019 and the temple shall not be made whole.


The Fatted Babe


I saw in the first light of the morn a babe. And this babe held in one hand a book. And in the other hand a cup; and beside him a bowl. And the money changers came and filled the cup with sweetened water. And they filled the bowl with food aplenty. And the food was of fat and honey.

And the food was what was eaten by the Children of the House Slaves and the Children of the Field Slaves. And the money changers said "Eat my child!" And they took the book and wrote "EAT" in it twenty four times, and seven times, and three hundred and sixty five times. And they gave the book to the babe. And the babe doth read the book.




And he drinketh the sweetened water and eateth the food of the bowl. And the babe laughed with glee. And he grew fatter and fatter. And then appeared a man who was angry at what he saw. And he took the cup from the babe. And the babe and the money changers cried out against the man. And when the man had left the room the money changers filled again the bowl of the babe with the fat and the honey and said "Eat!". And the babe ate.

And as the sun rose in the sky, the babe grew fatter and wiser. And he cried out to God for he knew he would not see the glory of the setting sun. For his eyes were darkened and his blood sweet as honey. And his body was like a leper such that he could not turn his face to see where the sun was setting.

And the money changers filled his bowl with potions. And they said, "Drink these potions that ye may be free of your afflictions. For thy mouth has made thee sick. And ye were not to have drinketh of the cup that containeth the sweetened water."


...The Bloodied Man


And I saw before mine eyes a man who was covered in blood. And he cried out for help at the House of the Sick. And the guardian of the house told him to sit. For there were others more bloodied than him. And I saw indeed there was a multitude of bloodied men. And bloodied women. And bloodied children.

And they were all Children of the Field Slaves. And they were all in a great hall and the hall was full. And I heard a great cry from they who were not bloodied. And I turned to see the child of a House Slave. And he too was bloodied. And the children cried out. And the money changers cried out. And the priests cried out.

And they said in one voice "How many more of my brothers shall be bloodied by the Heathen!". And they wept.




And I entered into another great hall. And it was dark as the night without a firmament. And I asked Him to make mine eyes so I could see. And I saw in the darkness the Heathen. And he was fed by the money changers. And his hands and feet were bathed by the Children of the Field Slaves. And he was adorned in fine garments by the Children of the House Slaves. And the garments were that of the Children of the House Slaves.

And the Heathen went unto the Priest and gave him fine ornaments and gold. And he said unto the priest "ye shall not want of gold; and ye shall forever sleep in the chambers of Priests".

And the Priest drew him to his bosom and kissed his cheeks. And the Priest gave him a shield that was blessed, that his enemies shall do him no harm.

These are the visions that my eyes hath seen and my ears hath heard. Let he who also hath eyes and ears use them. For there shall one day come unto thee, a tenth day.


- Dr Alfred Dawes is a general, laparoscopic and weight-loss surgeon; fellow of the American College of Surgeons; senior medical officer of the Savanna-La-Mar Public General Hospital; and former president of the Jamaica Medical Doctors' Association. Email: