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Warrior III …Every Mickle Mek A Muscle Yoga Challenge Pose of the week

Published:Wednesday | August 28, 2019 | 12:27 AM

We are winding down with The Every Mickle Meka Muscle Core Yoga Challenge, and we hope that you have been getting your poses in and enjoying the pics from historical locations.

It’s not too late to join in!

The Jamaica Moves endorsed ‘Every Mickle Meka Muscle’ (EMMAM) Core Yoga challenge is a 31-day social media-based (Instagram and Facebook) wellness yoga challenge for the entire month of August, with weekly ‘Pose of the week’ breakdowns from proud sponsor – The Gleaner.

These stretches/poses will be focused on strengthening and opening the core (abs and back). Each daily pose will be posted on the hosts’ social media pages [Jo-Hanna Taylor (IG: @jo_hannabanana) and Push Magazine (IG: @pushitja)]. You are invited and encouraged to join in and post your own picture/video attempts at the daily pose whilst tagging the hosts for a chance to win prizes.

Other sponsors include Good Life Water, Nature My Therapy, Proverbial Yard, TrainFit Club and Pro Physio, who have all come on board as giveaway sponsors for this fun, interactive and informative wellness challenge.

If you are looking for more, you are invited to the end of challenge finale class this Sunday, September 1, 2019, at In Motion Dance Studio at Shortwood Teachers’ College starting at 7:30 a.m. This will bring sponsors, partners, challengers (those who posted publicly or those who participated privately), the yoga curious and the yoga dedicated together to experience a free 30-minute class dedicated to showing persons a fun intro on how to breathe better and how to include meditation into your day and two 60-minute sessions highlighting two different areas in yoga – Yin (gentle stretch based yoga) and Vinyasa (sweat and strength based yoga).

Join us as we work on our coordination with the Pose of the Week. Please do check out the calendar of poses with directions on the hosts’ Instagram.

Warrior III || Virabhadrasana III || Day 25 from EMMAM

Where does it work?

Strengthens lower back, abs, shoulders and legs. Improves balance and coordination.

How do you do it?

Start in a standing position and bring right foot slightly behind you, placing the hands on the hips. Shift all of the weight to the front foot and, hinging at the front hip, begin to drop the torso forward. Simultaneously, lift the back leg up. Continue hinging at the front hip, lowering the torso and raising the back leg until both the torso and the back leg are parallel to the floor. The back foot can be pointed or flexed. Square the hip bones to the floor. Keep shoulders rolled from ears and lengthen arms and floating leg. Do not bend either knee, but do keep them ‘soft.’ Keep core engaged and extend the arms straight ahead, placing the biceps next to the ears. 

EMMAM Power Move: Set timer for 10-20 seconds

Modifications + Tips

Warm shoulders and ankles before attempting this pose. Put a hand on the wall to support you. If you would like to step it up, close your eyes.

Go at your own pace!

Can’t wait to see your pics and don’t forget to tag the hosts, sponsors and hashtag #everymicklemekamuscle or #EMMAM19

Email us at for more information about the finale class.