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Half Moon hosts blood drive

Published:Sunday | March 8, 2015 | 6:33 PMKarrie Williams
The medical team:The Cornwall Regional Hospital blood drive team (from left): Dane Hines, Karri-Ann Medley, Odean Black, Ingrid Rattray, and Jason Campbell.
Tashane Castillo-Barath, sales coordinator ((left), and Arlien Dyer, travel industry sales manager, pause for a pic.
The Half Moon team: From left are Tashane Castillo-Barath, sales coordinator; Opal Drummond, group accountant; Jaculine Dinham, front office supervisor; Shernette Crichton, director of operations; Arlien Dyer, travel industry sales manager; and Damion Thompson, group sales manager.
Hotel manager Shernette Crichton enjoys a sweet after making her donation.
Giorgio Rusconi, director of food and beverage, doing his Brownie duty by donating blood.
Restaurant manager, David Leslie, shows off his blood donor card.
Registered Nurse Karri-Ann Medley (left) performs a pressure check on Ruthann Parker.
Odean Black (left), blood donor organiser, assures Damion Thompson, group sales manager at Half Moon, that there is nothing to fear.
Jaculine Dinham, front office supervisor, is attended to by phlebotomist Jason Campbell.

The Half Moon resort in Montego Bay recently boosted its corporate social responsibility efforts, hosting a blood donation drive, with several staff members participating in the life-saving initiative.

The all-day event was staged last Thursday at the resort's Montego Room and was facilitated by medical personnel from the National Blood Transfusion Service and the Cornwall Regional Hospital in St James. The blood drive was hosted as part of the Half Moon Foundation's continuous efforts to give back to the community.

"The Half Moon Foundation has always been embarking on initiatives geared at giving back to our communities," said Diandra Shand, the resort's marketing manager. "We have the Pack for Purpose and the Two Dollars A Day programmes that are presently ongoing, but what better way to give back than to give blood? We see so many accidents happening on our roads and there are so many persons in need of blood ... so donating to the blood bank is our way of helping out our fellow citizens, and this is something that we want to do again in the very near future."

A total of 46 employees participated in the drive. Of that number, 11 participants were found to be ineligible to give blood, resulting in 35 units of blood collected. An additional three units of blood was contributed by representatives of the Jamaica Tourist Board who were in attendance at the event, bringing the day's overall total to 38 units.

Shernette Crichton, Half Moon's director of operations, led the charge by being among the first set of staff members to donate.

"It saves lives, and we do our best to offer support, not just within our own environment, but also outside, and we feel that an initiative such as this is very important because it's giving back in a different way. We are always proud to give back to our communities because we depend on these communities to support our business," Crichton told Hospitality Jamaica.

While the majority of the staff who participated seemed happy in making their contribution to the Blood Bank, there were a few others who were simply terrified of the experience.

"This is my second time giving blood, and I still find the experience scary, but I know that this is important in saving the lives of so many persons. I have had friends and family who were in situations where they needed blood and there wasn't any available, so I'm glad I did this, and I will do it again," said Arlien Dyer, travel industry sales manager.

Shand, who organised the event, said she was extremely pleased by the courage of her colleagues in supporting the worthy cause.

"I am extremely satisfied with the level of participation today as some of us hate needles, but I'm just proud that persons are brave enough to come out and give blood," she said.

Anyone between the ages of 17 to 65 is eligible to give blood providing that a body weight of at least 110 pounds is maintained. However, there are a number of conditions that make some persons ineligible to donate blood.

"Most persons can give blood, but there are a few issues that would restrict some individuals. If you're having a cold or flu or suffering from any chronic illnesses or any temporarily illness, that means you might not be able to give ... persons with tattoos and piercings can donate after a year has passed, as then, the period would have passed for infections to arise and be treated," said Odean Black, blood donor organiser at the Blood Bank.