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Labour of love by Palladium Hotels & Resorts

Published:Tuesday | May 31, 2016 | 5:24 PM


Team members from the Palladium Hotels & Resorts participated in several Labour Day projects, including the construction of a garbage skip for the Elgin Town, Hanover, community.
Donation of paint supplies and assisting with the painting of Esher Primary School were among the activities carried out by the team.
However, the 'Labour Of Love' project was the completion of a house for Lamone McLaren from the landscaping department. McLaren's home was gutted by fire in February and the Grand Palladium Welfare Fund provided the monies to rebuild and partially furnish the two-bedroom dwelling at no cost to him.
Singer Jamaica Limited graciously, without hesitation, contributed a stove and a bed towards the project.
Commenting on the project, general manager at the resort, Jose Morgan said, "taking care of our own family of team members is of paramount importance, as well as the surrounding communities where they reside".
The Palladium Welfare Fund has spent over $6 million in three years to cover medical, funeral and reconstruction expenses for team members and their families.