Sun | Oct 25, 2020

AROUND JA WITH PAUL H Bonfire, reading glasses and 2020

Published:Wednesday | January 8, 2020 | 12:17 AM
The bonfire that burnt throughout the night.
The bonfire that burnt throughout the night.

I have been using reading glasses for the past few years. I do not like them, but they are very useful as I cannot clearly see anything close up on written documents, my phone, camera, and laptop without them.

I have had a few because they sometimes get lost, damaged, or mislaid like the ones I wore to the New Year Eve’s bonfire on the beach at Great Huts Resort in Boston, Portland.

Before the fire was lit, I had a great philosophical discussion with Marcell Fuller (property manager and guest services) about ourselves and the mysteries and energies of this unfolding universe. It was a moment of reflection and introspection 20 years into the new millennium.

The fire took a while to rage, but when it was ready, it was ‘fireworks on the waterfront’ at Boston Bay. There I was, taking pictures and enjoying the warmth. As the wood crackled, glowing smithereens darted and zigzagged frantically into the air until 2020 came around, welcomed by shouts of “Happy New Year!”

Shortly after, I reached for my glasses to take some more pictures. They were not on my person, not on the sands, not on the table. The search was futile, so we decided to wait until daylight.

In my sleep on Wednesday morning, I dreamt that it was nine o’clock, and I had missed the first sunrise of 2020. I wrenched myself from the dream. It was nowhere near nine, so I jumped into some clothes and slippers, grabbed the camera, and rushed to the point from which I could get the best shots.

I was in luck! The sun was just peeping over a long headland. There it was: the first sunrise of 2020 over Jamaica. Without the glasses, I just pointed the lens and clicked. After a few shots, I went back to the site of the bonfire, whose dying embers were glowing red.

With some help, we literally combed the beach with a rake. I went back to the spot on some rocks near the sea. No luck. The night before while I was sitting there I heard a little click like something had dropped. Did my glasses fall on to a rock and bounce into the sea?

And if that were the case, what was the message the universe had sent to me about the 2020 vision that I don’t have and the VISION 2020 that I do have?