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Fun-filled activities at St Andrew High

Published:Wednesday | March 2, 2011 | 12:00 AM
St Andrew High and Preparatory School students waving peace ribbons during the institution's Peace Day celebrations held yesterday on the grounds of the all-girls high school. - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer

Nadisha Hunter, Staff Reporter

GRADE EIGHT students at St Andrew High School yesterday gave up their regular classes to participate in an hour of meaningful and fun-filled activities as part of the national Peace Day celebrations.

Resounding cheers in response to the performances by students of St Andrew High and Preparatory schools echoed in the crowded auditorium of the all-girls high school.

Tashna-Kaye Howell, 13, lauded the institution for emphasising the need for students to live in unity with their schoolmates through a host of peace-centred activities.

"The activities were good, and I want to thank the school for doing this as it is a reminder of how we should behave with each other in our school," she said.

Fourteen-year-old Kaysha-Lee Knight pledged to improve on her areas of weaknesses after she attentively listened to the message that was given by her schoolmates about keeping the peace.

"It will help me in a major way, because I will now look and see where I can improve so that I can be a better person. It also teaches me how to resolve problems in a peaceful way," she said.

Show peace all year

Kadeisha Cooper of St Andrew Preparatory, who performed with her school's choir, said Jamaicans should be peaceful throughout the year.

"The celebration of Peace Day is a chance for individuals to see that it is time for them to end the violence, and to make peace more abundant. It is not only about today, but we should continue forever," the grade six student said.

"I want peace to go on, and it can happen. The gunmen can start by putting down their weapons and live peacefully together with each other," she added.

Kadeisha advised students to practise peace in their schools and communities.

"If we start at schools, we can help other persons in our communities by telling them to unite with each other, which would make our country a better place," she added, before pointing out that she continues to be a peacemaker at her school.

Principal of the institution, Sharon Reid, said focus was placed on grade eight students as they were more likely to fall out of line at that level.