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Bodies of two children found in Trelawny - Relatives identify them as missing St James duo

Published:Wednesday | July 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Reverend Dr Sonia Seivwright (right), president of the Trelawny Ministers' Fraternal, comforts a crying Devona Kerr, the mother of Mellica Mitchell, who is believed to be one of the two children found dead in a pond in Trelawny yesterday. - Photo by Adrian Frater
Omari Sterling, who went missing in Montego Bay on Sunday.

 Adrian Frater, News Editor

Western Bureau:

Relatives of two missing St James children were overcome with grief yesterday morning as they gathered at a pond in an isolated area off the Hague main road in Trelawny, where two bodies, fitting the description of the youngsters, were found.

"We believe the bodies are those of the two children who went missing in St James on Sunday," a police investigator at the scene told The Gleaner. "However, while the relatives have identified them, we will have to do some forensic work before we can make a positive identification."

The missing St James children have been identified by family members as 13-year-old Omari Sterling, a student of St James High School; and 10-year-old Mallica Mitchell, a student of Albion Primary and Junior High School. Both are from Norwood addresses.

When the mothers of the children arrived at the scene, upon receiving confirmation that two bodies had indeed been found, one fainted, while the other burst into tears, openly challenging God and asking why her child had been allowed to perish.

"God! A wha dis You do to me?" said Mitchell's mother, Devona Kerr. "Is Sunday gone me go a church and give my life to you and now this … . God, a wha mi do suh?"


The Gleaner was told that on Sunday, a group of six children, including Sterling and Mitchell, went to the popular One Man Beach on the Montego Bay Hip Strip in the company of an adult.

"I understand that they left the beach with a man, who promised to buy them burger," said Kerr. "I can't say any more about that as the police have asked me not to discuss the details with anyone."

Kerr said that under normal circumstances, she would not have allowed her daughter to go to the beach, but, according to her, the child's father, who was visiting at the time, asked her to allow Mitchell to go to the beach with the other children.

"She is like me handbag … . She no leave mi side," said Kerr.

While The Gleaner was not able to go to the death scene, which had been cordoned off by the police, persons who were early on the scene said the bodies, which were nude, were found in a pond.

"It look like is somebody dump the bodies there because we saw a lot of tyre marks in the area near the pond," a resident of the area told The Gleaner. "In the 30 years since I have lived in Hague, it is the first time I am coming into this area … . Only people who are hunting crabs come down here."

A police source told The Gleaner that they were alerted to the presence of the bodies shortly after 8 a.m. yesterday. The discovery was reportedly made by a man, who was hunting crabs in the area. It could not be ascertained if there were any signs of violence on the bodies.

The bodies were found close to where the bodies of two missing Trelawny boys, 10-year-old Alex Brown and seven-year-old Javani Brown, were found in September 2012.

They were also in the nude when their bodies were found.