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Walkerswood farmers losing produce

Published:Wednesday | July 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM
A Walkerswood farmer in happier times.

Carl Gilchrist, Gleaner Writer


FARMERS WHO are members of the Walkerswood Farmers Group in St Ann are expressing concerns over the prolonged dry spell which they say is severely affecting their crops.

The farmers plant a variety of crops, including hot pepper, sweet pepper, sweet potato, pumpkin, scallion, and cabbage.

According to one of the farmers, Wighan Gordon, the item most severely affected is hot peppers, an item which they supply the nearby Walkerswood Caribbean Foods.

"We are losing a great deal of our hot peppers because of the drought," Gordon told The Gleaner. Gordon said the limited water supply they have is being used in the greenhouses, and crops such as the hot peppers are grown outside.

Meanwhile, Jamaica Agricultural Society parish manager for St Ann, Howard Williams, said while St Ann is feeling the effects of the drought, the situation is not as bad as in other parishes.

Williams said the parish was getting some rain, but not enough to satisfy the needs of the farmers.

"I've been encouraging the farmers to practice water harvesting and proper agricultural practices to reduce the impact of the drought," Williams said.