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Toll rates for new highway leg kick in Sept 5

Published:Wednesday | August 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Come September 5, motorists will be required to adhere to the toll rates that were announced for the Linstead to Moneague leg of the north-south link of Highway 2000.

They are being given a free ride through the toll for one month, but after that, Class 1 vehicles will pay $200; Class 2 vehicles, $420; and Class 3, $1,000.

The opening ceremony for the new highway took place yesterday at Treadways, St Catherine, and Minister of Transport, Works and Housing Dr Omar Davies told journalists that while motorists are being given free access to the roadway for a month, drivers should follow the stipulated guidelines.

He said the Government would be working assiduously to ensure that the other two legs of the project are completed in short order.

"This is not really a time to rejoice. We are working on the Ferry to Linstead and the Moneague to Ocho Rios legs simultaneously, to ensure that the project is completed in short order," he said.

"The potential is limitless. I think housing is an immediate possibility. We are working with persons within the community and this will also transform the possibility of tourism in Kingston," Davies continued.

He added: "A tourist could dock at Ocho Rios, get on a bus at 9 o'clock, be in Kingston by 10, spend five hours, and be back on the ship for departure … . The number of visitors that can be accommodated will certainly be enhanced. I, therefore, urge Jamaican entrepreneurs to build on it and make use of the opportunities."

He also urged drivers to exercise caution in order to avoid accidents on the roads.