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Remembering Sir Howard

Published:Saturday | August 9, 2014 | 12:00 AM
This little girl gets a piggyback ride yesterday at the National Heroes Circle in Kingston, as onlookers rush to view the funeral procession for the late Governor General Sir Howard Cooke. He was buried at the National Heroes' Park.
Members of the Jamaica Defence Force lead a large procession yesterday along North Street destined for National Heroes' Park, where the former Governor General Sir Howard Cooke was laid to rest.-Ian Allen/Staff Photographer

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Lloyd B. Smith says the Special Select Committee, which has been mandated to find a suitable means through which the late former Governor General Sir Howard Cooke will be recognised and remembered, is hard at work.

Smith told the government news agency, JIS, that members of the committee have been meeting with various interest groups in canvassing opinions aimed at arriving at what should be done to remember Sir Howard.

"I believe there ought to be some very outstanding, distinguishable, lasting legacy that is set up somewhere for Sir Howard. The committee is looking at a number of things at the moment; quite a variety of events as well as various forms of activities, which will involve the youth of not only western Jamaica, but the wider Jamaica," Smith said.

avid sportsman

He pointed out that the views and involvement of the youth would be central in the selection of events or activities to honour Sir Howard, as the former head of state was an advocate for the youth and an avid sportsman.

"Sir Howard was not only a politician, he was an educator, a sportsman, among other things. We have to look at the various aspects of his life and come up with something that will encompass all of that, and then put it into an artistic expression or some kind of architectural expression that will remain as an outstanding symbol of achievement in Montego Bay, to inspire the generations to come," Smith asserted.

Meanwhile, Smith hopes that the committee, and by extension the Government, will place some focus on the house in Goodwill, St James, in which Sir Howard was born on November 13, 1915.

The late former governor general served from August 1, 1995, to February 15, 2006. He died on July 11 at the age of 98.