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Math genius serves Notice with 11 ones

Published:Monday | August 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Danielle Notice

Gary Spaulding, Senior Gleaner Writer

It appears that 16-year-old Ardenne High School student Danielle Notice does not have to try to attract the blinding glare that accompanies high achievers; her superlative accomplishments at such a tender age have ensured that.

Danielle's 11 ones in the 2014 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate were simply the coup de grce in the teen's academic life.

Not only did Danielle cop 11 ones, but she earned straight A profiles as well - in mathematics, English A, additional mathematics, information technology, principles of accounts, principles of business, biology, physics, chemistry, Spanish and French.

"I have a strong passion for mathematics and was the gold medallist in the Jamaica Mathematical Olympiad in 2013 and 2014," Danielle said.

She also had the privilege of being captain of the successful Jamaica Olympiad team to Nicaragua in June 2013, where for the first time the country earned honourable mentions.

Danielle plans to do further studies in mathematics after completing sixth form at Ardenne where she has applied. "During that time, I want to mentor at least one person to become a better math student."

Danielle had transferred from Bishop Gibson High School for Girls in Mandeville, Manchester, to Ardenne High School in the Corporate Area two years ago, and declares that she is an unapologetic Christian who believes strongly in the power of prayer.

"From the age of eight, my parents would have my sister and I raise our right hand and repeat over and over again: 'I am Christian, I am a leader, I am a peacemaker, I am a scholar and I am a world changer'," she recalled.

Added Danielle: "I never fully understood what they were asking me to say then, but today I sense that God has a special plan for my life, and with His help and hard work, I can become what I have declared about my life."

She said her Christian faith is the bedrock of her life that helps her to set moral boundaries, to select her friends, to make the right choices and face challenges.

"Relationships are important to me and family tops them all," she said. "With family support and support from a large church family, the sky is the limit."