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'Service delivery is key'

Published:Monday | August 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Audley Fagan - Contributed

Quality service and products, as well as guaranteed customer satisfaction, are how Audley Fagan, owner and operator of Refrigeration Service, says he is able to keep his business open despite economic hardships.

"Delivery of service is the key to keep the clients. The way to keep a client is to have (them) satisfied."

But even with satisfied customers, Fagan says the effects of the harsh economy sometimes stall the pace at which they return.

"(It is) very challenging; the financial aspect. The bank is not easy with you and the payments. Everything is juggling and delay.

"Everybody wants a payment plan; everybody delaying the payment to suit their needs. They want to pay, but the financial constraints (don't) allow them," Fagan told The Gleaner.

He says these challenges, however, do not prevent him from imparting knowledge to others who wish to enter the field, as he is always taking in work experience students.

"(Despite) all the challenges, I always give a helping hand to the country by taking in work experience [students] from the technical schools (and) from HEART Trust. I never turn them back; I always (impart) some knowledge to them," he explained.

future plans

Fagan, who services cold-storage refrigerators and sells air-conditioning units, says he has been in that line of business for approximately 20 years. He says he now has plans to go into manufacturing.

"We plan to go into manufacturing and adding to the servicing. We plan to build some cold-storage panels and in the future but we need easier access (to) funding.

"We cannot compete with foreign entities where they have cheaper overhead (costs). If we don't go into manufacturing, we would only be peddler(s); we don't want to be peddler(s)," Fagan said.

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