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Don't idolise rubbish! - Campbell

Published:Wednesday | August 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Burchell Gibson (left), circulation manager at The Gleaner Company Ltd, presents the Circulation Department's scholarship cheque to Annesta Lake (right), winner of the company's 180th anniversary vendor sales promotion, and her daughter, Nastasia Tucker, during a presentation ceremony at the company's North Street offices yesterday. Nastasia, a past student of Rollington Town Primary School, will be attending Wolmer's High School for Girls in September. She scored an average of 92 per cent in the Grade Six Achievement Test. Her highest score was 97 per cent in mathematics. - Ian Allen/Photographer

Carl Gilchrist, Gleaner Writer


MEMBER OF Parliament for North West St Ann, Dr Dayton Campbell, is encouraging students to stop idolising rubbish and, instead, focus on their education.

Addressing the First Regional Cooperative Credit Union's annual scholarship awards function last week Tuesday at Almond Tree Restaurant in Ocho Rios, Campbell decried the current trend of skin bleaching and lack of proper role models.

"In relation to our morals and our value system, I want to say to young persons, that we need to stop idolising what I call rubbish," Campbell stated.

"We find that persons are way more intrigued by Vybz Kartel as opposed to a pastor. When I was growing up, a role model in the community would probably be a good male teacher, a good pastor, a good businessman or somebody like that. Now a role model in Jamaica is a musician, somebody who is singing a lot of lewd lyrics and somebody who is bleaching their face, somebody who is wearing their pants just above their knees and we're wondering what is going on."


Campbell said growing up, it was unheard of for a man to be bleaching, but, nowadays men are offering documentaries on how to bleach.

"Persons think that they must bleach in order to reach. We don't understand that culture," Campbell said.

"We're in the month where we celebrate Emancipation, we celebrate Independence, but somehow the minds of our people are not free because we haven't reached to that point where we can appreciate ourselves, we can appreciate our identity and we can realise that there is worth in all of us. So my first message to the students - don't idolise rubbish!"

The Member of Parliament also urged the students to consider carefully when selecting their areas of study.

He suggested that students look at studying in areas that are in line with the development plan of the country and they will easily gain or create employment.

Campbell congratulated the students on being selected for assistance by the credit union and encouraged them to perform to the best of their ability in order to use education for their upward mobility.

"Never allow your memories to be greater than your dreams. You can't give up on yourself," Campbell urged.