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Self-reliant Marco flourishes

Published:Wednesday | August 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Marco Derville

Adrian Frater, News Editor

While his circumstances would not be considered as dire in the truest sense of the word, the journey to copping an average of 91.2 per cent in the 2014 Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) was quite a challenge for Marco Michael Derville, a gifted 12-year-old from Glendevon in St James.

Marco, who will be moving on from Barracks Road Primary School to Herbert Morrison Technical High School in September, achieved grades of 95 per cent in mathematics, 93 in general science, 92 in social studies, 82 in English language; and 11 out of 12 in communication task.

With his mother away, working overseas, and his father out of the picture since he was born in Nassau, Bahamas, Marco has managed to flourish under the watchful eyes of his doting grandmother, Lillian Freeburn.

"I like school and I want to get a good education," said Marco, who served as deputy head boy at Barracks Road Primary last year.

While his grandmother has not always been able to make two ends meet, Marco has learnt to master the art of living without the things she cannot afford while embracing the concept of self-reliance.

"Sometimes things are good, and at other times, they are not so good," he told The Gleaner. "My grandmother has taught me to take the good with the bad, so I am always thankful for what she is able to provide."

With his grandmother not versed in matters related to the GSAT curriculum and preparation, Marco had to do most of his out-of-class preparation on his own.

Though the financial realities facing his mother and grandmother are great, he is nonetheless keenly looking towards life at his new school, which he sees as a step closer towards his dream of becoming a pilot or a businessman.

As his grandmother continues to groom him for life beyond GSAT, Marco remains dutiful and humble in assisting to make life comfortable at home.

"We are not a family with a helper, so we have to do our own household chores," the grandmother said. "Marco is quite helpful as he assists in cleaning the house and washing the dishes, among other chores … . Life is not always easy, but we are getting by."