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Published:Wednesday | August 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Lacianne Campbell
David Martin
Livington Brown
Omar Bent
Ricardo Kelly
Sandy Munroe-Clarke
Monique Ingram

Do you agree with the view that belief in God is not in style?

Monique Ingram

Belief in God can never be out of style. What has become out of style is the reverence in church and spiritual living. It is now hard for us to tell the difference between Christians and non-believers as their way of living and dressing is similar.

David Martin

Belief in God is just as relevant and as predominant as it ever was. The discussions about God and origin today stem from very old philosophies that push a materialistic idea of their universe, making a resurgence, especially in light of current events and the state of the world.

Daniel Davis

The societal decadence has prioritised secularism and has led to the professing of one's belief in God on a situational basis, where unless faced with vicissitudes, the acknowledgement of one's faith becomes in-style. It is not genuine, hence, out of style.

Omar Bent

No, I do not agree. Belief in God is a conscious decision by faith that there is a higher power - a creator. It has nothing to do with style or opinion and will always be relevant.

Ricardo Kelly

Yes, I do, because people tend not to seek God for inspiration as before. They lower their standards by thinking God to be a human being. He is more than a human being, but people look at God as lower than before in terms of their belief. But, for me, I believe in God. It is not out of style.

Laciann Campbell

I believe that belief in God is still in style, but based on what has been going on nowadays, most persons make it seem as if God is not in style, but for me, God is in style - always.

Livingston Brown

I don't believe in the view that God is no longer in style, but it is indeed true that nowadays, people are less into the Church and the things of God than in former times. I would say people are still aware of God, but many are not exercising godly principles.

Sandra Munroe-Clarke

The younger folks are now viewing the Church as secondary to the ways of the world, so their focus is not on God. The sad thing is, unlike my generation, which had no choice but to go to church and learn about God, they are growing up without good Christian values.