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Who is your choice for commissioner of police?

Published:Friday | August 29, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Allan Lewin
Clive Lawrence
Dennis Meadows
Junior Gordon
Kingsley Jones
Joy Carter
Joan Graham
Moya Ritchie

Views from the west

Allan Lewin, entertainment specialist

I would not look past Carl Williams. He is a man that enjoys the respect of the general public and his colleagues seem to have a lot of respect for him. If he gets the job, I believe he will do a much better job than those who have come before him ... he is my only pick for the job.

Clive 'Karate Georgie' Lawrence, businessman

Carl Williams is my pick, without a doubt. He is a man of high integrity and commands a lot of respect inside and outside of the organisation. In addition, he is highly qualified and from all reports, those who have worked closely with him, think he is flawless. He is my man for the job.

Dennis Meadows, co-covenor of CAPI

While not discrediting the others, who are immensely qualified, I favour DCP Heath. I find him to be diligent and thorough and a consummate professional. Additionally, he is not perceived to be a front-runner, which augurs well for him; it suggests he is not favoured politically, which is good. That said, those shortlisted are competent career police officers and should do a good job if selected.

Moya Ritchie, businesswoman

First off, no woman for me ... of the men, I think I like what I am hearing about Carl Williams. From all reports, he is as clean as a whistle. In addition, he is well respected and quite qualified for the job. I want somebody who understands crime-fighting and has the skills and experience to get the job done. I have not heard much about the others.

With six senior officers of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) being shortlisted for the job of police commissioner, The Gleaner took to the streets of the Corporate Area and Western Jamaica to find out the people's choice for the top job. The six candidates now vying for the position are Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Carl Williams, DCP Clifford Blake, DCP James Golding (former commandant of the Island Special Constabulary Force which is now merged with the JCF), DCP Linval Bailey, Assistant Commissioner of Police Novelette Grant and DCP Delworth Heath.

Views from the corporate area

Junior Gordon

I would go with ACP Novelette Grant, as I think she would do a better job. Knowing that all the men have failed, we should give a woman, a mother of the country, a chance to prove herself.

Second choice - DCP James Golding. Third choice - DCP Delworth Heath.

Kingsley Jones

In the system, you find that the elders need to give the younger ones a chance, and I feel that DCP Clifford Blake is young and energetic enough to take on the job. If he decides to do what is right for the country without partiality, he will be an excellent commissioner.

Second choice - DCP James Golding. Third choice - ACP Novelette Grant.

Joy Carter

My choice would have to be DCP James Golding. As a former member of the Island Special Constabulary Force, I have seen his leadership first-hand and I think he is a superb manager. There was a great level of togetherness in the force and I know that he will be able to bring that kind of stability and managerial skills to such a large organisation.

Second choice - DCP Clifford Blake. Third choice - DCP Delworth Heath.

Joan Graham

The person who I would want as my first choice is not included, but from this list my choice is the woman, ACP Novelette Grant, because I strongly believe she would make better decisions and bring clarity to the position. If you look around now, women in top positions seem to be getting things done, and better too.

Second choice - DCP James Golding. Third choice - DCP Linval Bailey.

Mark Richards

From the little I know about them, I would pick DCP Clifford Blake because he is not only young but also he sounds and come off as being humble. If you are too aggressive, as Commissioner, you will not reach the people and be hard to deal with. This man would better able to deal with people on the streets.

2nd choice- DCP James Golding

3rd choice- DCP Linval Bailey

6. Clifton Foster

I like DCP James Golding. I know about him from long time before he reached deputy commissioner stage and I believe he is a good officer. I saw how he worked from long time and I trust him.

2nd choice- DCP Linval Blake

3rd choice- I don't know any of the others to pick a next one.

7. Kimoy Sadler

I would go with DCP James Golding because to me he fits in that space more. He has a better understanding of what the position would require based on his experience in the force.

2nd choice- DCP Carl Williams

3rd choice- DCP Clifford Blake

8. Eunice Farr-Morgan

ACP Novelette Grant is who I would want to get the position. Some would doubt that a female can't do the job, but I believe if she gets the job she would definitely manage it. Women are powerful and she could step up to the plate and bring the change we want in the force. We would be surprised to see what she can do.

2nd choice- DCP Linval Bailey

3rd choice- DCP Carl Williams