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The Past Re-imagined - Major earthquake rattles Jamaica

Published:Saturday | September 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Jumping for freedom - Ex-slaves make a jubilant scene in Spanish Town recently.

Although no lives have been reported lost, hundreds of Jamaicans quivered in fear yesterday as an earthquake rumbled throughout the country. Initial reports state that neighbouring islands were also affected, but the extent is yet to be determined.

Jamaicans are urged to be on alert as the country, which is situated in an active zone of seismic activity, experiences more than 200 tremors annually.

The Gleaner took to the streets to get feedback from the people. Albert Finkleberry, a wealthy landowner, was observed standing near Water Lane in Kingston, with his team of horses tied nearby. "I dare say, my fine fellow, that the earthquake shook me to my very core!" he said. "It was quite the harrowing experience, I say!"

Finkleberry said he was awakened in the dead of night by his manservant. "At first, I thought it was all a lot of to-do. He told me that the earth was shaking and I was about to send him away. But then I felt the bed move and had to dash outside for fear of being hit in the head by a falling wooden beam."

Across Kingston, fallen bricks and broken wood line the streets. It's a frightful scene and visitors are warned to exercise extreme caution. The Gleaner will continue to monitor the after-effects of the quake.