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Hinchcliffe to serve international women's organisation again

Published:Monday | September 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Chairman and chief executive officer of the Manpower Group of Companies, and principal of Caribbean Health Management Consultants Limited, M. Audrey Hinchcliffe, is to resume membership on the International Council for Women's Business Leadership (ICWBL), established by former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton while she headed the United States State Department.

Hinchcliffe, who was first invited to serve in 2011, was recently notified of the resumption of activities and also advised that the international council "has been relocated to Georgetown University". She has been asked to "continue to serve on the council under its new auspices". Former Secretary Clinton will remain as chair.

Hinchcliffe has accepted the invitation and will attend the ICWBL's "re-launch in Washington DC on Thursday, October 30 with a meeting of the council and a public programme, both hosted by former Secretary Clinton".

Hinchcliffe said, "I am honoured that former Secretary Clinton has invited me to continue to work with the ICWBL. This provides a greater opportunity to represent the issues and concerns of women in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean, and I look forward to further collaboration with my colleagues on the council and to making an even greater impact as we tackle the economic and other challenges that confront women, especially in deve-loping countries."


The ICWBL has had many achievements since its inception. Working through various subcommittees, it has promoted and expanded "services in Latin America, which enable women entrepreneurs to connect to greater supply chain opportunities". It has also "created a global policy series" and "launched a global leadership training programme to promote the 'Golden Rules' pledge, which focuses on advancing women's business leadership and supported the development and creation of the 'WomenUP' campaign, which aims to increase the number of women in senior leadership positions".

A series of "innovative solutions to address barriers inhibiting women's access to financial services" has also been developed, and efforts have been made to "enhance women's entrepreneurship through delivering e-mentoring to a larger population, expanding the training curriculum to include agriculture and technology, and leveraging innovation corporate supply chain optimisation models for women suppliers".

"This is meaningful work," said Hinchcliffe, "and I am pleased to be able to play a part in the council as it achieves its goal of promoting the 'economic empowerment of women for global economic prosperity.' This will make a positive difference not only in the lives of women but in many families across the globe."