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Chik-V hits crisis proportions

Published:Sunday | September 28, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Portland pharmacies running out of medication

Gareth Davis Jr, Sunday Gleaner Writer

As the country braces for what could very well be a major outbreak of the chikungunya virus, the demand for drugs to combat the flu-like illness is now putting a serious strain on several pharmacies in Portland.

Since the outbreak of the virus in July, the demand for Panadol tablets and medication with vitamin C has increased daily, with more and more persons becoming infected in rapid succession.

According to a supervisor at Taj Pharmacy, they reportedly stocked up on 100 boxes of Panadol containing 10,000 tablets, along with 1,000 boxes of vitamin C tablets, but these were sold off in less than three days.

The supervisor, who asked not to be named, explained that persons are turning up in large numbers on a daily basis with similar complaints of being infected with flu-like symptoms, all of whom are ailing from headache, joint pains, fever, and weakness in the legs.

A near-similar situation is being experienced at other pharmacies, including Blur Berry, Square Deal, and the Chelsea pharmacy, which have all reported that supplies are running low, as the number of persons infected with the virus is increasing daily.

Meanwhile, the situation at the Port Antonio hospital is getting more intense, as scores of infected persons have flooded that facility seeking treatment for the illness, forcing doctors and nurses to work tirelessly throughout the nights in some instances.