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Cougars pounce on schoolboys - Older women rushing into sexual flings with teen footballers

Published:Tuesday | September 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Gordon-Harrison: When an older man has sexual connections with a female child, we are up in arms. But boys are entitled to the same level of protection under the law as girls are.

Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

It was just an ordinary afternoon of football for teenager Andrew Brown* couple years ago, when he was told that a grown woman would like to speak with him, shortly after a game.

Little did the now 18-year-old Corporate Area high-school football star know that it would lead to a relationship and a child with the woman.

Brown, like 17 year-old David Smith* and many other local schoolboys, has become a willing target for women years his senior.

"I was actually at a match, and after I finished playing a game, someone said a woman was calling me. I was there talking to her and by the time I went to the bus, my phone rang and she said she had my number from 2010 (when he was 14 years old)," Brown told The Gleaner.

Just about two years and a child later, Brown and his 25-year-old overseas-based girlfriend are still very much involved.

According to the 2008 Reproductive Health Survey prepared by the National Family Planning Board, "... Less than two per cent (1.6%) of males aged 15-19 reported fathering children."

That seems an insignificant figure, but for young Brown, being in that small group brought with it major challenges and even greater responsibilities - some he wasn't prepared for.

"When it happened, I was crying to my mom and saying I am not ready (for a child)," he said, before adding that the new additions to his life have not hindered his schooling.

Alternating roles

"It doesn't affect me in any way because the mother and child are overseas. I talk to the mom every day. When I am not playing football, I am there for a week or two. When football finishes, it is like I am alternating the roles. It wasn't planned, but it did happen and my mom is always there for me," said Brown, who admitted to several relationships with much older women.

"It's just a few (females) in my age group (approach me), but more of the older women do. They say my body type looks better than the rest and I am more mature. I definitely think it is because of the football," added Brown, one of the more popular schoolboy footballers in the country.

Smith, like Brown, has had his share of relationships with older women, who he also believes are drawn to his football fame.

And the practice goes way back, as Arnett Gardens FC player Marcelino Blackburn, who played for Charlie Smith in 2002, admitted that he too was often approached by older women in and outside of his community.

Another former schoolboy footballer and coach, Sam Black*, also shared the experience of being sexually involved with women as old as 30 years old, while he was a 17-year-old schoolboy.

"All of these persons saw me and stated that they have seen me at games and that is what intrigued them. Playing football and being one of the standout performers, they are going to approach you," said Black, who is from Manchester.

While Smith and Brown said they are not gaining financially from these relationships, Black said there were perks to being with someone older.

"They were working females and they were giving you things," he said, laughing.

According to Brown, the majority of his teammates are in relationships with older women.

Popularity factor

The popularity of these schoolboy footballers is one of the things that sports psychologist Olivia Rose believes may lead to this attraction.

Rose argued that these women seem to think that the student athletes are fitter and more effective in bed. However, Rose warned that these older females are committing a criminal act when the start sexual relationships with boys who are under the age of consent.

Children's Advocate, Diahann Gordon-Harrison, who said she is not aware of the practice, also warned these women that the Sexual Offences Act prohibits sexual intercourse with persons under the age of 16 years old.

"Teenagers sometimes do not see themselves as such. When an older man has sexual connections with a female child, we are up in arms, but boys are entitled to the same level of protection under the law as girls are," noted Gordon-Harrison.

As a mother, Gordon-Harrison said she would not be comfortable with her son, who is in high school, being in a relationship with a 25-year-old woman. "Even though it is not illegal, it is certainly inappropriate."

*Names changed on request