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Once, twice, three times a champion

Published:Thursday | October 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM
St Mary's champion, Greig Campbell.

Kerry-Ann Hepburn, Children's Own Coordinator

Port Maria, St Mary: Defending champion Greig Campbell and 47 other hopefuls stood before spellmistress Marlene Stephenson Dalley at the Emmanuel Baptist Church yesterday.

After rounds of intense spelling, the numbers declined steadily until there were two - champion girl Lauren Hall and champion boy Greig Campbell, both of St Mary High School - left standing in a spelldown for The Gleaner's Children's Own Spelling Bee trophy and to be named the parish champion for St Mary.

While Lauren gave it her all, Greig used his experience to better her, when he was again declared champion with the word B-R-A-S-S-I-E-R-E.

"I expected to win," he said.

Greig is no stranger to winning, as he has been a part of the Bee for a number of years, and has been parish champion for the past two.

Formerly of Castleton Primary and previously coached by the Reverend Glen Archer, Greig has a new coach, Marsha Ewan Goldson, a teacher at St Mary High, where he is still making great strides.

Goldson said that it was a challenge at the start because she was studying.

"I was told I had the champion in my school, and he came and asked if I could coach him. I found some time in the week and also on Saturdays."

Lauren, also coached by Goldson, did a great job as she jumped from rounding out the top five last year to finishing second.

"I feel ecstatic!" she said about the results of her fourth time competing in the Bee.

"My spellers are very hard-working and dedicated and that was the main thing," Goldson proudly stated. "Even though Greig was a past champion, he didn't take anything for granted. They worked and studied."

Best of the BEE


Top Five:

1. Greig Campbell, St Mary High

2. Lauren Hall, St Mary High

3. Robert Haughton, Iona Prep

4. Xiao Haughton, Water Valley Primary

5. Chevon Prehay, Castelton Primary and Junior High

Top Boy: Greig Campbell

Top Girl: Lauren Hall

Winning Word: B-R-A-S-S-I-E-R-E