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'JLP to stay focused'

Published:Monday | October 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Basking in the afterglow of poll findings showing a rare and sizeable lead on his political rival, Portia Simpson Miller, Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Leader Andrew Holness yesterday set his forces on election alert.

Holness was reacting to the findings of a Gleaner-commissioned Bill Johnson poll, which showed 46 per cent of Jamaicans felt he could do a better job as prime minister, compared to the 26 per cent who felt Portia Simpson Miller was more capable at the job.

He, however, stressed that the party remained concerned with the high numbers, 28 per cent, in the undecided column.

"We must all remain aware that more and more Jamaicans are disenchanted with politics as it has been practised in Jamaica - the poll findings clearly show this," he said.

Asked how he and his party would try to sustain the advantage over Simpson Miller and the People's National Party, which has bettered the JLP in five of the last six general elections over the past 25 years, Holness served notice that the work had just begun.

"The JLP is pleased with the recently released poll results, but we will continue to remain focused," said Holness.

He said the findings of the Johnson poll reflected what the JLP has been hearing and feeling on the ground.

"The Government is out of touch and disconnected from the people," he charged.

Holness claimed that the JLP, on the other hand, was constantly seeking to defend the interests of the people and holding the PNP accountable for the Government's failures.

"We are also preparing policies to ensure that when we become Government, the country would again be placed on the right path," he said.

Holness said the JLP was committed to showing that it was different from the PNP Government led by Simpson Miller.

"We are the party that puts Jamaicans first, and there is a real choice to be made when the next election is called."

Holness stressed that, as JLP leader, he was committed to changing the way politics is practised in Jamaica.