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Pensioner wins Silver Pen award

Published:Tuesday | October 14, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Clyon Tomlinson, Gleaner Silver Pen Award winner for May. Ian Allen/Photographer

RETIRED CIVIL servant Clyon Tomlinson's letter to the editor addressing breaches of the Noise Abatement Act earned him The Gleaner's Silver Pen Award.

Tomlinson was responding to comments Damion Crawford, state minister in the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment, had made regarding the Noise Abatement Act.

In his letter titled 'Kill volume of Minister Crawford's noise lobby', published on May 30, Tomlinson said he was concerned about the effect the high-pitched noise has on residents of his 8 West, Greater Portmore community, the elderly and babies.

"This is a social issue, and the noise itself has a terrible impact on the society. And the volume of the music is a problem, shaking the house and disturbing you. Babies are traumatised by this factor," he said.

Tomlinson, a former president of the Greater Portmore Citizens Association, said there should be better ways to control the noise nuisance in the society.

"Mr Crawford might be exposing some of his selfish tendencies whereby being a symbol of success in spite of the noise that existed in his community when he was growing up he expects others to exercise tolerance of elevated night noise. Mr Crawford must be made aware that he has left behind thousands whose life chances have been blighted as a result of social malaise, including night noise that they have to contend with in that same community," said Tomlinson in his letter.

He pointed out that Crawford should have considered the other persons being affected by the noise level coming from entertainment within the community.

"I was disappointed, especially because when he came into office, he was mentioning something about establishing entertainment zones, so I was taken aback when I heard that he had given approval for these dances in the communities and has been attending them," he noted.