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Rise! Take up your bed and walk Jamaicans!

Published:Monday | October 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Steve Lyston

Now more than ever, many are stressed, depressed and discouraged. Fear is gripping many and even more are giving up hope, especially small business owners. Each and everyone needs to know that discouragement is a factor that causes one to get weak, distracted and lose one's zeal.

When someone gets discouraged, it is usually when they believe that they have tried everything within their power and the expectation has not been met. A person may be praying for a breakthrough, and yet things seem to become worse rather than better. Some become discouraged because they may not get the respect they think they deserve. Another may become discouraged when they think their work is not appreciated and they are ineffective in touching the lives of others.

Discouragement can also be caused by delay, denial and betrayal. These are weapons the enemy uses to get us to become discouraged or depressed. This leads to self-pity and then many will want to give up because they may then see themselves losers or failures. Some will even begin to question past decisions and doubt their capacity to make the right choices - whether in business, jobs, marriage and life itself!

nothing remains the same

Discouragement saps your energy and blurs your vision. Always remember, nothing remains the same. Every problem has an expiration date! Whatever discourages you is only temporary. Whatever losses you experience, you have the capacity to bounce back.

Always remember the story in John 5, which speaks to us individually and as a nation, that regardless of the condition we are in, we have the ability to RISE, PICK UP OUR BEDS AND WALK!

You will never walk unless you rise first; and that first takes place in our minds. You have to see yourself standing up before you truly do!

People who lie in bed are either weak, sick or asleep. If we want change, then we have to change our minds! Those who rise are always alive, awake or well. In this story we see a great multitude who were either impotent, blind, paralysed and/or withered. They all became helpless and hopeless. Many of them were looking for movement in the water, which symbolically is a spiritual revival.

However, even as the stir came, the man was unable to step in to be made whole. He was there for 38 years! His excuse was that he was looking for someone to physically put him in the water. His problem was his dependence on man for change and not on God! In the same way we look to politicians, the International Monetary Fund or other grants to pull us out of poverty, when we depend on many to save us, we will get discouraged and depressed.

Each time this man sat at the pool waiting and the water was stirred, someone else stepped past him and stepped in themselves. This is what has happened to Jamaica and the Western countries; they have shifted their focus from God and have become paralysed. In this instance, the problem with this man was his mindset - his way of thinking and looking at things.


Wholeness will only come when we rise up out of that way of thinking. When one rises, one's thinking begins to change; strength and power will come.

Interestingly, after he rose up he didn't even need to step into the water, he took up his bed and walked! Before, he couldn't even stand up, but now he could pick up the bed he used to lie on and walk with it!

If we think we cannot do without borrowing, then we will never stop borrowing!

If we think there is no other way except loans, grants and sale of assets in order to rise above a situation, then we will be paralysed.

If we believe that there can never be a third party in the nation - whether the United States, Jamaica or any other such nation - then we are denying true leaders and game changers from coming forth, and we will always be wandering in political instability.

If we think that a foreigner, a man or a woman is our saviour, then our condition will become worse.

If we truly desire change, then the time has come to rise up out of traditions, rituals, religiosities, logic, double-mindedness, oppression, immorality, pride and witchcraft!

Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.